The Adventures of Rothus, page 10 [D-51]

Tarenvale, healer’s hut:

Dalton comes back (without Mr. Dragos) and heads straight for the Inn. The gang watches from a distance. The door opens and he gets pulled inside! It is like the Inn has swallowed him whole. We run over there and look to see what happens. We all hide by a window and peer inside. Dalton draws his sword and Mrs. Dragos lifts up a huge ax! Whoa!! Maybe I was right when I thought Dalton was the Exiled Prince of Tarenvale! Mrs. Dragos certainly wants him out of town.

Tyler jumps up and yells at Mrs. Dragos. He then opens the door to go inside. The rest of us panic and run to get some adults. Aeryn and I run to get Orvani and Brother Thomas. Lily and Evan run to get Mr. Smith. Travis runs to get his parents.

We all return to the Inn with our people and find that the fight is over! Dalton sits in a chair, injured in the shoulder. Mrs. Dragos is dead on the floor!!! Tyler stands above her with the large ax. Mr. Smith pulls Tyler away and says he needs to speak with Dalton.

I tell everyone about my theory that Dalton is the Exiled Prince of Tarenvale. It makes sense now. Dalton’s pa used to be in charge of Tarenvale, wielding that awesome red sword. But then, Mr. Dragos killed Dalton’s pa and exiled Dalton from town. That’s when Mr. Dragos declared himself Mayor and has ruled with an iron fist ever since! Dalton has been biding his time until he could reclaim his rightful throne! The Dragoses had a strong alliance with the Neoses. Once Dalton saw that alliance broken, he took advantage and arrested Mr. Dragos, bringing him out of town. Now he has killed Mrs. Dragos to secure his rule.

They all think I’m crazy.

Tyler is now the man of the house and will inherit the Inn. Tyler tries to act as a host while we all look at dead Mrs. Dragos. I ask Dalton where Mr. Dragos is and he says that he is “taken care of.” Spooky. He says that if he is going to return, it is up to Mr. Dragos.

Then, Tyler suddenly kicks Mrs. Dragos' dead body, so we pull him out of the Inn and guide him to the Tavern. Mr. and Mrs. Neos take us in for a meal and drink. Aeryn stays with Orvani in the Inn to tend to Dalton’s wounds.

Tyler says he is glad to see his mother dead and wants to see his father dead, too. He really hates the life he lived with his parents! He talks about it for a long time while drinking ale. Lily can't listen anymore and leaves. Travis, Evan and I go with. Evan leads us to the pond where we can sit and think. Ma`ud shows up at the pond! I haven’t seen him since Evan threatened to toss him up into Tyler’s room. Aeryn joins us after she finishes helping Orvani. She says Dalton will survive! He will be able to rule over Tarenvale as the rightful Mayor-King that he is.

As we sit by the pond, the sun continues its inevitable descent. Lily gets up to go home, but Evan says it's too dark. Lily says she can see in the dark. What?! That must be another witch power. Travis offers to escort Lily home, but I argue to stay in town. Town is always better than going home. Evander suggests we camp by the pond, which is a great idea!

As we are making a list of camping supplies, Dalton appears on the beach. Our new Mayor-King says that Lily’s mom is in town. I’m not sure this is a good omen. Mrs. Graves never comes to town. Lily doesn’t hear it, saying she has to go home to her ma. We all go back to town, with Dalton carrying Lily.

We see Tyler stumble home to the Inn. Evan and I help him up to his bed. This whole day has been exhausting. Evan says I can stay at his place for the night. Without another thought, I go to sleep.

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