The Adventures of Rothus, page 11 [D-52]

Tarenvale, the forge, the next day:

"You said I didn't have to feed the pigs the day before festival!" I say before even waking up.

"You idiot, you're at my house. Look, get out of bed. Something is happening at the Inn!" Evan responded. He looks like he stayed up all night, but still not ready to sleep. He rushes to wake up his pa and we all go to the Inn to investigate. We see Travis and Mr. Neos rushing to the Inn as well. We run into Tyler and he is visibly shaken. He is talking total nonsense. It's like his brain stopped working after all that he drank last night. He says that his parents are tied up in the closet upstairs, despite the fact his mom... is with Erastil. He is talking crazy! He wanders into the Inn and up the stairs. Evan, Mr. Smith and I follow.

We see Dalton standing there in one of the rooms with Mr. and Mrs. Dragos tied up in the closet! I'm going completely crazy! I should have just fed the pigs like Father told me to. If I were at home right now, I would not be going crazy. What are they going to think when they know I'm crazy?

Dalton says that changelings did this. He claims the people tied up are human, and the other Dragoses are changelings who can change their form.

I'm so confused.

Does this mean that the Dragoses are not bad parents?

Why did the changelings want to be the Mayor?

Why didn't they kill Mr. and Mrs. Dragos?

Dalton unties them and they jump up and hug Tyler.

Evan runs off to Orvani's and tells them about the Dragoses so she can see if they are okay.

She rushes up the stairs and tends to their wounds.

Where is Lily?

What if my parents are changelings? How can I tell the difference between a real person and a fake one? Arrrgghh! I'm going to have to watch everyone now! Maybe I can come up with some secret question that only a human would know the answer to. Hmmm....

Lily and a strange woman show up. Lily lights a fire in her hands and takes a battle stance. I ask the strange woman who she is, and she says that she is Lily's mom! She never comes to town. I think it is a bad omen that she came now, after the changeling discovery.

Tyler makes a huge mistake and asks her if Lily's father is the devil. Lily tosses a fireball at him!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! Who knew she could throw them?! Lily and her ma leave the room. When they come bad, Lily apologizes to Tyler for throwing a fireball. Mrs. Graves must have chastised her for it, which is a good thing. It would be extra bad if she was as hot-headed as Lily.

Tyler then makes a huger mistake! He asks her to be his girlfriend, but Lily says no. Mrs. Graves says it would be a violation of magic. Lily cannot have a boyfriend. Probably best while she has fireballs.
As the day continues, the town gets really crowded. Tents pop up all over since there aren't enough rooms at the Inn. We hang out with Lily's mom for the day. She says there are ways to identify changelings and that my parents aren't changelings, so I don't have to worry. How does she know? How did Dalton know about the Dragoses?

Evening comes. It is the eve of the festival and there is a lot of energy in the air. The adults have been building a large stack of wood taller than a person. Once the sun is hidden below the Earth, they light it up and the whole town is lit by this single huge torch.

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