The Adventures of Rothus, page 12 [D-52]

Tarenvale, Near the Inn, eve of the Harvest Festival:

We approach the bonfire to join the crowd. Aeryn is afraid of fire and stays away from the blaze.
“You think the dragon started this fire?” asks Tyler. That's when we see Mr. Smith with a torch. I guess he started it.

We remember that the mage Tyler saw in Newport is in town. We go looking for him! We ask around and find out that he is staying at the Inn. How did we miss him and his dragon? Lily says that dragons don't exist and that it was probably a psudodragon or dragon fairy. She says real dragons are too big to exist and require too much food. She doesn't seem to know that a big dragon can just eat more! Duh.

We go to the Inn and look at the room roster to see what room he is in, but Tyler forgot the mage's name! Tyler asks his mom who the man with the dragon was. Mrs. Dragos said the dragon was a dog with antlers. Why would she lie like that? She doesn't want us to believe in dragons? Why is that? There must be something really important that she is hiding.... I'll think on it.

A man comes down the stairs in an entertainer's outfit, singing to himself. Tyler says it's the mage! He runs up to the man. Tyler asks him where the dragon is, and he says, “What dragon?”

Tyler says, “The one you had in Newport!”

“I've never been to Newport.” he replies. Tyler is confused. There must be another man from Newport. There is a dragon somewhere, with a real mage from Newport. I wish it was this guy, though.

As a consolation prize, this guy is willing to put on a show for us! Lily asks if he is a magic user, and he says no. But then he does some pretty cool magic. Two chains fall from his sleeves and he lights the ends on fire, and he spins them around. It is really awesome! He then pulls the chains back in, puts the fire in his hands and his hands glow red! He is a mage! Then he opens his hands and blows on them. A huge fireball flies out of his mouth! He does a bunch of other tricks and then packs up and goes back inside the Inn. He has got more tricks for tomorrow!

We wander around looking for someone else to entertain us. Mr. Dragos is preparing for something in the back of the Inn! Tyler investigates. He doesn't come back, so we busy ourselves. There is a large stage outside and a crowd is gathering. I stealthily get up to the front of the crowd, right next to the stage! I wonder what the show is going to be.

Suddenly, Tyler prances toward the stage in a silly outfit. How embarrassing. When he speaks, his voice is very different, not his own! Lily charges the stage yelling, “Changeling!” Travis runs up too! They jump on Tyler and try to tie him up, but see they don't have rope. I yell to Dalton to help us, but he face-palms. Why is he ignoring this? What if Tyler really is a changeling? Tyler changes his voice back to normal and protests that he is not a changeling. Evan and Dalton go up on stage and pull Lily and Travis off of Tyler. What a show! This was totally worth it! I start clapping and cheering. The crowd joins in.

Right after the clapping, Mr. Dragos walks out and Tyler yells out an introduction. He puffs up and says he'll tell us the tales of the great wars. Danger, mystery and magic. We hear violin music? There aren't any violins anywhere. Then drums. They get louder and louder, but they aren't coming from anywhere. It must be a ghost! Tyler is even impressed by how awesome Mr. Dragos is today. Aeryn appears from the crowd and sits next to Evan and I in the front row.

I am enthralled as Mr. Dragos talks. I can almost see the wars on the stage. Their leaders clashing in duels on the field! I want that glory. I liked all of it, except for when Lily interrupted it with magic. Is she supposed to be a part of the show?

Mr. Dragos stops the story after a few hours on a cliffhanger. “Wait! do the humans survive?” I ask. He doesn't answer. What if the humans lost? Evan says that I wouldn't be alive then, but what if everyone in town is a changeling and I am the only human left? I mean, it could happen. At the end of the story, some fireworks launch off the stage! There we're fireworks!! 


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