The Adventures of Rothus, page 13 [D-52]

I hear loud laughter coming from the Inn as Tyler walks out. He invites us all for a sleepover! Awesome! Lily and Travis don't want to be that close to Mr. Dragos and risk talking to him. They go to the Tavern to... wash dishes. Huh. That sounds much worse than Mr. Dragos! Evan goes to ask his parents for permission. Aeryn goes and asks too. A while later they both come back to the Inn, saying that they can stay all night.

We decide that Lily and Travis need to be here too and that one of us needs to get them. Tyler thinks I should do it, because I can be sneaky if I need to. Of course I should do it! I run over to the Tavern and find them in the kitchen. I take a recently cleaned plate and put some food on it from the festival buffet. I tell Lily and Travis that they don't have to talk to Mr. Dragos at all. They can sneak right past him. Lily asks if Evan will be there, and I tell her that he will be. That convinces her to come with. Travis is still unsure, so I tell him, “Evan will be there.” He's not as convinced. But he asks his parents anyway. Lily has to go find Mrs. Graves, though.

I head straight back to the Inn to tell everyone of my success. When I get back, they are playing dice games and card games. Evan won a game before I got there and I won a game, too! Tyler throws a huge pile of pillows and blankets right on top of the dice, saying that he’s got plenty for everyone.

Tyler gets called downstairs, and is gone a while. When he returns, he has platters of food from the Tavern! We have a buffet!! We will eat like kings! He also said that Lily and Travis were here.

Suddenly, Mr. Dragos busts out laughing and it echoes up the stairs. Tyler goes into the hall to investigate. He decides to go downstairs to investigate more, saying that he'll be back soon. He warns that we mustn’t let anyone in if they don’t know the secret knock, and then he disappears around the corner. We all look at each other. “What is our secret knock?” I ask. Evan and Aeryn shrug.

“How about this?” suggests Aeryn and then knocks once, twice, then a double knock. Evan and I are glad to have that issue settled.

A while later someone knocks on the door. “Let me in!” Someone's trying to get in! Oh, no! Evan quickly braces the door and I pick up a particularly ugly piece of food, ready to launch it at the intruder.

“No one's in here!” I say, “Go away!”

The strangers at the door try a variety of knocks, none of them being the secret knock Aeryn established, but they really do sound like Lily, Tyler and Travis. We decide that if they can correctly answer some secret questions, that will suffice.

“Lily, what animal can you not talk to very well?” Aeryn asks.

“I haven’t talked to bears, yet,” Lily answers. It’s too bad that the answer was fish. Maybe this isn’t Lily, after all.

“Tyler, where do you keep your candy stash?” Aeryn asks, hoping to sneak some candy while he is locked out.

Tyler gets really mad and leaves to get his pa for help. The real Tyler wouldn’t get his pa for help! He must be a changing after all!

“Travis, what happens when you eat licorice?” asks Aeryn.

“I get funny poops,” he answers. Aeryn says that is right. I think that’s disgusting.

We let Travis in. He says that Lily is as human as he is, so if we let him in we should let her in, too. So, we do. The only one who is not here is Tyler, since he ran off to get his pa. Aeryn thinks it will be funny if when Tyler’s pa comes up here, if the door is wide open so that Tyler looks foolish. When Mr. Dragos shows up, he walks right inside. We tell him that Tyler wanted there to be a secret knock, but that he didn’t know what the knock was. Mr. Dragos then goes downstairs. Tyler comes up the stairs and walks in the door. We don't do anything.

Aeryn wants to tell ghost stories! Tyler starts to tell a story, but we keep interrupting him, but no one tackles him this time. We ask him why he hasn't shown us his fancy clothes or his special voices. Lily tries on clothes and throws them around. Tyler says the outfit that I was given is for telling the War of the Chickens. What a dumb name. Chickens can’t fight wars. I should know since I have to feed them all the time!

Then Lily pulls out the glitter!! AAAHHHH!!!! I have horrific images of glitter everywhere in the room! I can't hide with this much glitter! Lily tosses the glitter and it hits the outfit that I am holding!! A bunch of it gets on me!! No one else got hit. Geez.

Then, Lily uses magic to clean up some of the clothes, so I make her clean mine, too! Who knew she had a magic spell to get rid of glitter? She failed to mention this, but I would have liked to know!

Lily does a bunch of other tricks! She makes Aeryn’s hair stand straight up! Lily is much more powerful than I could have guessed. Fire, making things float, erasing glitter. What can’t she do with magic?

Lily suddenly realizes she is alone, “Where is Ma`ud?”

I look out Tyler's window and see him looking back up at us! We think to toss the rope down to him, but we can’t find it. Evan says the rope is with the barrel of glitter, out in front of the Inn. I run downstairs and find it, but see that the rope is covered in glitter. ARGH!! It's everywhere! I can’t count on Lily using her magic to clean it, so I decide to leave it. I’m already outside, so I run around to the back of the Inn and see Ma`ud there. I try to pick him up, but he doesn’t want anything to do with me! I go back up to the room, without Ma`ud. He doesn’t even follow me. Whatever.

We feast and tell stories until I fall asleep.

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