The Adventures of Rothus, page 14 [D-53]

Tarenvale, the Inn, next morning:

Lily, Aeryn, Tyler and I wake up and see that Travis is missing. Lily says that Travis might be at the outhouse, then looks at me expectantly. “What are you looking at me for? Why is my hand all wet?” I say. Lily looks disappointed. Whatever.

Lily then looks at Evan, then kicks him once to try and wake him. When it doesn’t work, Aeryn says, “True love's kiss will wake the sleeping prince.” Lily tries to wake up Evan with a kiss! Evan doesn't stir, not even a little. It must not be true love. Lily then tosses cold water on him and runs out of the room. Tyler frantically chases after her out the door.

Aeryn, Evan and I go downstairs, looking for food. Mrs. Dragos offers us a huge breakfast buffet! We grab a bunch of food! Yummy eggs, bacon, toast, waffles….

Lily comes back in, runs up to Evan. She stops short and says, “Tyler and I are together now.” She then grabs Tyler's arm and walks away. We all look at each other for a few moments, shrug, then continue eating.

After we finish our meal, we realize that Travis is still missing. I go to the outhouse looking for him, but he isn't there. Where is he? Aeryn thinks he's at the pond. Evan says the pond is too far away, we should check the Tavern first. I’m surprised to find it is open this early. Mrs. Neos is there to greet us. We ask for Travis, but she says he’s not here. We insist that he has got to be somewhere, so she goes to check his room and says that he is not in there. Hmmm...

So, Lily wins out and we go to the pond looking for Travis. He's not there either! Maybe he’s injured and with Orvani. We go to the healer’s hut, but he’s not there either. As we leave Orvani’s, we see Lily and Tyler leading a man with a sword. The man walks like Dalton walks and in the hilt of his sword is a big blue gem just like Dalton’s red gem! I sneak up behind him. Aeryn and Evan make a bunch of noise and get noticed.

Lily and Tyler introduce him as Roran. Apparently he knows Mr. Dragos and Dalton from a long time ago. In fact, he is looking for Dalton right now. And he’s been to Hadthan Port! That’s so far away I don’t even know how many days it would take to get there! Aeryn reminds us that she was born in Hadthan Port. Oh, yeah.

Lily and Tyler are showing Roran to the Inn, so we tag along. Tyler’s the only one who can see me, and he decides to point me out to everyone else. What a jerk! When Roran reaches the Inn, he closes the door behind him, but Tyler opens it immediately and follows in. Mr. Dragos greets Roran like an old friend. Tyler rambles on trying to introduce them both, but it’s obvious they know each other.

Lily pulls us outside. She wants to go look for Billy, Jimmy &Timmy. We see Dalton and tell him that Rorin is here with Mr. Dragos. He rushes over to the Inn and dashes inside. We follow, of course. We spy on Dalton, Roran and Mr. Dragos. Roran and Dalton clasp hands like brothers in arms. We’ll, I guess that means there won’t be an epic battle between them.

Travis shows up finally! He goes to the Inn looking for food. “Where were you?” I ask, “We looked everywhere for you!”

“I was in my room.” he answers.

“No you weren’t, your mom checked your bed.” Evan says.

“I don't sleep in my bed.” clarified Travis. That's weird. We fill him in about Roran while we watch him eat in the Inn’s common room. Across the room, we hear some extraordinarily beautiful music. Lily would rather look for BJT, but Travis investigates the music. We find Roran playing a strange stringed instrument. We are too uncultured to care. I’d rather see explosions.

We go to investigate BJT's disappearance. We reach their house and I sneak up. It is eerily quiet. I open the front door. It is dusty. I say hello, but no one responds. The place has been ransacked. Barely anything is left. It is like they packed up and left two moons ago. “We have a club house!” I say. No one else is excited about the idea. Lily eventually comes around to the idea after thinking a while. Aeryn says it is creepy. She says Roran should live here instead. Lily wants to start a fire in the fireplace, but I don't want people to see the smoke and come check on the place. Then our secret club house wouldn’t be all that secret.

Tyler says, “BJT weren't always evil. Maybe the house made them evil.” I'm suddenly not as excited about staying here, but by now Lily has totally fallen in love with the idea. We decide to go back to town and gather up supplies we may need for our new place. I think it will be awesome to have a place where I can sleep and Mother and Father won’t come check on me. It will be like living on my own, finally!

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