The Adventures of Rothus, page 16 [D-54]

Forest outside of Tarenvale, next morning:

Roran wakes me up and gives me some food from last night. Apparently, we had some packed from the Inn. Tyler gives us each some rock candy to lift our spirits. It doesn’t help much. We want to go back, but Roran thinks we must wait to return. He says that it’s still too dangerous, even if the attack has been countered. He knows we have many questions, but he lacks the answers. Travis wants all the answers before he cooperates. “What did we do to the orcs and goblins to deserve this?” he asks. “Well, I guess I know what we did to the goblins….”

Roran says that we must go first to Newport, staying off the trail, moving slowly. He knows some people farther east that will help us. They can even give us some insight into our destinies. We must cross the River. It will be the farthest I have ever travelled, by a long distance. Aeryn is the only one of us who has been across, since she was born there. She doesn’t remember it, though.

Before we can go, Roran tells us to stay put and places Evan in charge. He walks back toward Tarenvale. I guess it is safe for him to go alone, without us. Lily says we are northeast of Tarenvale, closer toward Newport.

Roran returns and says that Orvani and Brother Thomas saved many people. In fact, he says Dalton is still alive! I can hardly believe it!

He brought backpacks for all of us with bedrolls in them. Mr. Smith gave us some weapons to use. I take a dagger, the weapon that looks the easiest to use. Tyler still wants to go back home. Roran says that if we really want to, we can go back to Tarenvale and see the devastation, or we can move forward and start our journey. He says it with so much anger that none of us take even a single step toward home. It is clear the Roran needs us to go with him, just as we need to go with.

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