The Adventures of Rothus, page 17 [D-68]

Newport, the Torn Sails Inn:

I won’t say that the last two weeks were boring. We were on our toes the entire time. I could hardly sleep thinking about the goblins attacking in the night. Roran tried to keep watch the whole night through, but it was exhausting for him.

We didn’t use the road, not once. The paths we took were uneven and caused us to stumble all the time. The countryside was ever-changing. We cut through forest, farmland, prairies and streams. We don’t have tents, so when it rains, those are the hardest nights to sleep. Roran is really good about creating shelters out of the trees and such. I think he has spent a lot of time wandering like this. I wonder if this is how adventures start. I don’t ever remember any chapters of The Adventures of Orloros Peskelton involving sleeping in the rain, or marching for two weeks straight, eating dry, bland food. But, we are now in Newport, so maybe this is an adventure after all. It is exciting because of how grand the city is, but this is no reason to travel.

I’ve taken the arrowhead from the goblin arrow I picked up and make a pendant out of it to remember the night we left Tarenvale. I don’t want to ever forget why we left, and why we must return.

Roran buys journals and ink for all of us to record our journeys. He will also secure a horse for each of us and passage across the river. Hopefully that won’t take too long.

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