The Adventures of Rothus, page 18 [D-72]

The Shining City of Tentia:

It took Roran two days to secure the horses, and we got a boat as quickly as possible. The ship is huge! I bet it could fit all the people of Tarenvale on board. Wow. I want to go back home and see them, now. Father would be impressed by the ship.

It took us two days to cross the river. That's no stream! No one could swim across that, but our huge ship handled it, no problem.

Now we are in Tentia, which looks like my worst nightmare. It is a city built out of glitter! If I wanted to hide here, I would have to dump Lily’s whole bucket of the stuff on my head just to blend in! We haven’t found an Inn to stay in. I think Roran means to leave Tentia as quickly as we arrived. He keeps saying that we have to keep moving. I don’t know what’s on his mind, since the goblins must have stopped following us weeks ago. If they have followed us this far and can cross the river, we really are in trouble. I just wish Roran would relax a bit. There’s no reason to hurry anymore.

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