The Adventures of Rothus, page 19 [D-74]

Forest, east of Tentia:

It’s been two days since we left Tentia and now we are pushing through a forest again. This is the thickest forest I’ve ever seen! The trees must grow closer together this side of the River.

Roran keeps saying that there are some people who will train us. He also says there is a blind oracle who can guide us better than he can. I don’t know if I can trust a seer who can’t even see what color my shirt is, but if Roran trusts them, I guess I’ll listen for a bit. He says there are no better teachers in the world than these folks. Evan will learn to fight. I will learn to hide and to bypass barriers. I tell him that I can already do that, but he promises I will be able to do it better yet! Tyler will learn to tell stories. Lily will learn to do more than she already can with magic! Aeryn will learn to channel Erastil’s will through her hands. Travis will learn to hunt any creature at all. There are teachers of every kind in the camp, even witches to teach Lily.

We ask Roran what training he received. He says that both he and Dalton are Magus. What does that mean? He is a mix of a wizard and a fighter. That explains why Dalton was able to kick so much butt and still create that fire out of nowhere when he almost died for us.

A part of me is excited for the training and another part of me is excited to just stop walking. Aeryn has been helpful in tending to our sore feet, but I think they will eventually just fall off, and that will be the end of it.

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