The Adventures of Rothus, page 20 [D-82]

Camp of the Oracle, east of Tentia:

I count out eight more days of walking through this thick forest. Roran kept saying, “We’re getting closer, just hang in there.” But with each day, I believed him less and less. I admit that yesterday I lost faith and assumed Roran was hopelessly lost. I might have been right, but if we were lost, then we were also lucky.

We broke through a final ring of trees into a huge clearing. It was full of wagons, tents, campfires and people! So many people! They are dancing, playing music, singing, carving, cooking, sewing and lots of other stuff. The sheer energy coming from the clearing is a shock after ten days trudging through the quiet forest. Everything looks like it can be loaded onto a wagon and moved easily. In fact, it looks like they only just arrived. How could they have known that we would arrive right now and not a week earlier? Maybe a blind oracle really can still see the future.

We stumble into camp, ready for a rest. I sit at the nearest campfire and ask for food. It is given to me quite quickly, maybe the recognize Roran, or maybe they are really generous people or maybe both. I don’t care, it tastes delicious.

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