The Adventures of Rothus, page 21 [D-89]

Camp of the Oracle, east of Tentia:

Evan, Travis, Aeryn, Tyler and even Lily all get assigned master level mentors. I don’t get any training at all, though. I spend my days wandering around the camp, investigating the wagons. I made friends with a guy named Florm. He chuckled when they first gave that name, I’m not sure if it is his real name.

He is cool because he tells me about all the things that I absolutely must see at the camp! He leads me to the best food, and the best clothes and the best books. The problem is that they are always hard to actually get my hands on. It’s really hard to sneak up to a wagon that is off on its own. There’s nothing to hide behind, yet I have to pretend that I am not sneaking. And there is always someone guarding the prize. I followed one guy, Fost, for a whole day, waiting for him to put down his copy of Captain Hale, but he never put it down, not once. I tried asking if I could borrow it, but he was the rudest man at the camp! Florm says the only way to get Fost to share is to force him to.

So, I’m not jealous that everyone else gets teachers. I am learning a whole lot on my own. I don’t need any teachers at all!

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