The Adventures of Rothus, page 3 [D-22]

Tarenvale, outside the Inn:

The full moon has come and passed during the days since the forge burned down. Mr. Smith is still at Orvani's hut, sleeping all the time. He hasn't spoken to anyone. Orvani says he's doing better, but it is hard to believe her at the moment. Aeryn was sick for a week, not once leaving her house to play. Lily has been gone since the fire, not returning to Tarenvale. Evander, Travis and I started cleaning up the forge after a few days, preparing to build a new one. I also take time to go looking for the evil trio, but still no sign of Billy, Jimmy & Timmy. Where did they go? I remember the adults had a meeting after we told Mrs. Smith that BJT burned the forge down. Maybe they've been locked in their rooms all this time! I wanted to tell Evander that the trio was responsible for the forge at a time when the trio was in front of him so that he would go berserk on them, but they weren't anywhere to be found. After a week of keeping the secret in, I finally tell Evander.

Tyler came back from Newport!! I'm jealous. He was there for several days and got to see all sorts of amazing things. He saw golden dragons!! Small ones, but it still means that dragons do exist! And he got to touch it, but it made him sick afterwards. The guy who owned the dragon could create fire out of thin air, like a true mage.

Everybody wants to listen to Tyler talk about his trip, even Ma`ud (who is doing a lot better)! Even Lily shows up! She doesn't believe in dragons. She says that Tyler is a liar. And to show that the mage in Newport was not so special, she creates fire out of her own hands! That's what I saw her do at the pond! I knew it wasn't my imagination.

Of course, that means she is a witch, I suppose. Tyler says that since both of them could create fire, the mage in Newport must be Lily's pa. He also says that the mage must be the devil. That means Lily's pa is the devil. I don't think I believe that, but Tyler is the one who saw the mage. And Tyler has candy to share! I quickly swallow it. That's the best candy I've had all season!

Dalton approaches and greets us. He's cool because he fought in the wars, but he doesn't always come to town, since he lives outside of Tarenvale itself. He asks how Ma`ud and Mr. Smith are doing. We tell him Ma`ud is doing great, Mr. Smith is still down.

Tyler noticed that the forge is missing and asks us about it. We tell them that Billy, Jimmy & Timmy burned it down and how no one has seen them for several days. Not since that moonless night of the fire. When Evander hears the trio's names, he slams his hammer into the wood of the forge and says, “If I ever see them again....”

Changing the subject, Lily suggests we go to the pond. Then, she tags Tavis and says, “TAG! You're it!” as she runs to the pond. But this time, we'll bring a knife so that we can clean the fish we catch! None of us have a knife, though, so Tyler and I go to get one. He says he can get one from the Inn, that his parents own, so he goes in and I wait outside. I overhear him make two mistakes. First, he asks for the knife, instead of just grabbing one. Second, he says Lily's name. Mr. Dragos does not like Lily one bit, and does not want Tyler spending any time with her. That's when I hear Mr. Dragos whip Tyler over and over. 

I realize that Tyler is not going to come outside with a knife, so I come up with another idea. I decide that the butcher must have a lot of knives and would not miss just one small one. I go to see Mr. Slagter and ask him how things are going. He asks if Father sent me and I don't answer the question. I glance around and see no knives within reach; all of them are behind the counter where he can see them clearly. I ask him if I can help around the shop (and get closer to the blades). He says that he has everything under control. He said that a little too quickly for my taste. I decide that there is only one option left. I ask him if I can borrow a knife, and he says no. Much too quickly. 

I tell him we are going to the pond and are going to catch some fish, but wont be able to eat them until they are cleaned. Last time we used a rock and that did not work at all. He says that we should bring the fish to his shop and he can clean them easily enough. Argh. These adults think that they have to do everything for us. I can clean my own fish, I just need a knife!! And that's when he asks about Father again. Apparently, he came looking for me earlier today asking where I was. Uh oh. I don't want to stay too much longer and have Mr. Slagter find out that I am not supposed to be in town. I'll just leave right now. “Bye, Mr. Slagter!”

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