The Adventures of Rothus, page 4 [D-22]

Tarenvale, the pond:

Empty handed, I meet the rest of the group at the pond. They give me this questioning look, then ask where Tyler is at. I say that he is probably still at the Inn. I tell them how he wanted to get a knife to clean the fish, but angered his parents. Lily wanted to know how he angered them, so I told her that Mr. Dragos doesn't like her at all, and that is why Tyler got in trouble. I told them he got whipped and sent to his room for the day. Lily assumes the worst and says that the Dragos are going to kill Tyler. She always exaggerates. She insists we go to the Inn and rescue Tyler. I guess we can do that, since we don't have a knife anyway for the fish.

Most of us hide around the corner while Aeryn goes to the front door and asks for Tyler. She tells Mrs. Dragos that he was supposed to go on a picnic with her today. All the adults like Aeryn and she knows it. Aeryn then says she really liked the candy that Tyler gave her earlier today. Mrs. Dragos wasn't as happy about that, though.

At that same time, Travis and I go around to the back of the Inn and try to figure out how to get up to Tyler's second floor window. The wall is not made for climbing and we don't have a ladder. After staring at it for a while, I decide to just go for it. Travis pushes me up a bit so I can get my foot up. There are just enough hand holds and foot holds to get into the air. I put my foot on a wiggly piece of wood and stretch my whole body. I get one hand solidly onto Tyler's windowsill! Travis starts climbing up after me. I can see the whole town from here! Most of the buildings are only one story, so I can see over them to the next buildings! Wait, I hope no one sees Travis or I up here in the open like this! We'd better hurry. I stretch a little more to get my second hand onto the sill, just when the piece of wood under my foot breaks loose and I fall past Travis to the ground.

Everything goes black.

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