The Adventures of Rothus, page 5 [D-22]

Tarenvale, behind the Inn:

I wake up to Aeryn's touch and see Mrs. Dragos. Am I on the ground behind the Inn? Oh, yeah. I just fell from the windowsill. Mrs. Dragos wont be happy, I had better close my eyes again, pretend I am still unconscious.

I hear someone breathing beside me. That's weird. I hear Evander's voice mutter that we got what we deserved. I hear Mrs. Smith's voice asks what happened. Mrs. Dragos' voice says that Lily cast a spell to injure us. Huh. I had been worried that Mrs. Dragos would be mad at Travis and I for climbing up the side of the Inn, but I guess if she is going to blame Lily, then we are in the clear! Lily sounds really sad about it, though. At least, I think that is her crying. Now the sound is fading away into the distance with Evander's voice trying to sound calming.

I hear Mrs. Dragos slam the door behind her as she goes back into the Inn. She's the one who's wrath I most fear right now, and since she is gone, I open my eyes and stan-- ackh! That hurts a lot! Aeryn says I might have broke something and that I need to be careful. She helps me to my feet, and Mrs. Smith pulls Travis up (that's who was on the ground next to me). The four of us slowly walk to Orvani's hut. Aeryn tells her that we climbed up the side of the Inn and fell back down. I remind her that I got all the way up to the windowsill, which is higher than Tyler got. Orvani gives us a disappointed look and points to two beds for us to use. I lay down as quickly as possible, with no intention of getting out of bed for a very long time.

Evander and Lily come to the hut and check on Mr. Smith. Lily tries to kill me with a hug. It feels like all my bones are on fire! They go to see Mr. Smith and Orvani tells them that he is going to be well, soon enough. That's terrific news! He's been lying there for way too long, without any sign of improvement, so if he is looking better, there is still a chance he will heal completely!

Orvani somehow figures out that Lily can cast spells, like a real mage. I don't know how she figured it out, since I didn't say anything. Lily tried to deny it, but admitted to learning a few spells that Ma`ud taught her. What's really cool is that Orvani is not mad that Lily uses magic, but she does tell Lily that she should let her ma know about her spells. After that conversation, Lily leaves for the night while Evander spends more time with his pa.

Travis and I stay at Orvani's and rest.

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