The Adventures of Rothus, page 6 [D-23]

Tarenvale, Orvani's hut, the next day:

I wake up and see Travis in the next bed. Everything is quiet until Evander comes to visit his pa. I'm feeling a lot better after a full night's sleep! Lily walks into the hut with a strange man, dressed like a priest. Orvani tells me to go play outside, so I remind her to tell people I am still sick and will be unable to do any chores until I feel better (he he he). Then I run out the door, pausing a single heart-beat to greet the stranger. Knowing that something exciting is about to happen (since strangers rarely visit our little town), I duck around the side of the building and sit under Orvani's window. I can hear everything being said from this spot, without being seen! 

Orvani and the stranger talk about Mr. Smith. Then the stranger begins speaking directly to Erastil. It sounds like the same mumbo-jumbo that Sister Daily says.  Then Mr. Smith thanks him for what he did. Wait, Mr. Smith's voice! He must be up and about and feeling better! Evander told him that he'd been unconscious for three weeks, but Mr. Smith didn't believe him. He is surprised by the time that has passed, and is eager to rebuild the forge as quickly as possible. Evander tells him that we've been working on it, so that a lot of the work is already done.

It's obvious to anyone outside the hut what it is I am doing, but Tyler totally breaks my cover anyway! It's like he's never seen someone eves-dropping before. He just wandered over to Orvani's window and spoke directly to me. I mean, he could have pretended I wasn't there.

Tyler is surprised to see Mr. Smith up and about, and asks him how he did it. Mr. Smith scares Tyler by claiming to be the devil. Tyler is shaken and runs to tell his parents that Mr. Smith is the devil. Evander runs off to get his ma and tell her that Mr. Smith is healed! Lily, Travis and I wander over to the Inn just in time to see Tyler being yelled at. Mrs. Dragos tells him to scream like he was being whipped and then hits the post with a belt to make a loud whipping sound.

...Never seen that before. Definitely an odd way to punish someone, but it seems to be working. Tyler screams at the top of his lungs!

When she sees us, she tells us to take Tyler away from the house before Mr. Dragos sees him. He would whip him for real once he realizes that Tyler stole his booze. I guess Tyler was clumsy enough to admit stealing the booze when he wasn't even being interrogated. He's not a good spy at all.

With Tyler free, we escape the town. Lily suggests going to find a goblin city that her friend Teak found. I don't know where she met Teak, but I like the idea. Why does she believe in goblins, but not dragons?! Whatever, I totally want to see the goblins. Tyler and Lily debate whether or not goblins have pots of gold. Suddenly the idea of going to the goblin city and checking their treasury sounds like a fantastic idea. If they do have gold, and enough of it, then we'll be rich forever! I grab a stick and slide it into my belt like a sword so that I am armed when we confront the goblins. I'm ready. Let's go.

Evan says he might be able to get a real sword so he runs off. After a long while, he's still not back and we get impatient. We investigate the forge and find Mr. Smith. We ask him if Evander can play with us. Mr. Smith went crazy for a few seconds then slammed the brand new door shut. Tyler freaked out when Mr. Smith made that noise. He probably still thinks that Mr. Smith is the devil. We all back away from the forge and try to think of a new plan.

Dalton approaches. He says he'll take us to see the goblins!! Yeah! He goes to the forge and rescues Evander from his slavery and collects some weapons for us! This is the greatest day ever! We all get a weapon! I get a dagger! My precious....

Dalton draws out a sword better than any that Mr. Smith has ever made. I want that blade. It is red steel and has gems on it. He says it was forged for him personally. What kind of man has a custom forged sword with gems? Is Dalton a lost prince? Is he the true heir to the throne of Tarenvale, and the Dragos family forced him into exile? No, Dalton is on good terms with the Dragos. And Tarenvale would be a tiny kingdom. Kings are supposed to rule over lands like Newport, or something. Well, either way, we have a serious warrior with us and are now ready to seek the goblins!

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