The Adventures of Rothus, page 7 [D-23]

Tarenvale, the forest:

We begin our adventure to see the goblins! I am super quiet as everyone advances; those goblins wont hear me coming. They'll hear Tyler as he tromps through the woods. Dalton stops us and tells Lily to come with him. She's too scared and Tyler goes instead. I tell Tyler that Dalton is going to kill us one by one. He can be so gullible sometimes. The rest of us sit very very quietly. The forest is filled with the sounds of animals. They will easily hide my silent footsteps when I finally approach those unsuspecting goblins. The first time they see my blade it will be blood red and embedded in the heart of the first victim. :-)

We can take the heart's blood from all the goblins and spread them in a-- suddenly, Dalton and Tyler return. Tyler says he saw one! He says it looked like a giant booger with eyes. Yuck, no wonder everyone wants to kill them. He didn't say anything about a city, though. I want to see a goblin city, but Dalton says there are only six of them. That's not a city, that's not even enough people to fill the Exiled Kingdom of Tarenvale. I guess seeing six is better than never seeing any. Plus, Dalton says we get to go kill the goblins!

We all sneak up closer, Dalton is going to go ahead and flush them out so that the goblins run toward us. We ready for them to come. It is many heartbeats of waiting as we hear Dalton hacking and slashing. The goblins scream at every strike.

Suddenly, one runs out of the bushes straight at us. He sees us and stops in his tracks. When he realizes that he is outnumbered six to one, he tosses his blade down and throws up his hands in surrender. Ummm, didn't expect that. What do we do with it? Can we kill him when he is unarmed and looking at us like that? Lily doesn't think so. Then from out of the same bush, Dalton comes up behind it and cuts off it's head! Blood sprays everywhere in a fountain of gore and the Exiled Prince is victorious over the booger monster! Eww, though. 

Lily falls to the ground. Evander jumps over to help her up. She is our only casualty from the battle. Maybe she's injured, but she wont let me check. Evander picks Lily up on his back to give her a ride back to town. She is really happy about it, but tries to hide her glee. Travis disappears from view for a few moments and comes back with some ugly blades. They are the goblin swords! If Dalton doesn't see them, then we'll have a blade of our own. Oh yeah!

I try and hide them from Dalton, but there just isn't any way to hide a sword under my shirt without people noticing. Argh. When Dalton sees me trying to adjust them, he tells me that goblin swords are so fragile that they are more dangerous to use than the dagger I was still carrying. He says (nervously) that someday I'll have a blade of my own, and that that day is not today.

So I ask him, "What about tomorrow? Can I have a blade then?"


With that, everyone heads back to the town and Evander returns the weapons we borrowed from Mr. Smith. Everyone goes home, leaving me all by myself, so I guess I'll go home, too. Maybe Father is already asleep, so I can just sneak into bed....

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