The Adventures of Rothus, page 8 [D-51]

Tarenvale, outside the forge:

The moon has come and gone again since we fought the goblins. The days are getting shorter and the Harvest Festival is only two days away! Brother Thomas left for a while, but has come back for the festival. People from all over are coming! From Denton, Karfal, Rynal and even Newport! Evan wastes all his time carving one staff over and over. The odd thing is, the staff never gets smaller, though. When I asked him about it, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

I tell Father that I can’t work the next few days, because I have to stay clean for the festival. The best part is, he actually falls for it! It’s never been so easy to get out of work! Zeil says that Father always says we don’t have to work the two days before festival, but I think he is just trying to rain on my parade.

The mayor says he has fireworks for the festival! This will be the best year ever! And Tyler says the mage from Newport has visited. I hope he brought his dragon. I want to see it. Lily still says there aren’t any dragons, and instead tries to sell love potions. Why would anybody want that? A drink that makes you kiss people? Eww.

Tyler gets really excited about the fireworks and decides to go ask his pa about it. That turns out to be a bad idea, and we listen to him scream for a while as he gets whipped. The rest of us wanted to go see if we could find Billy, Jimmy or Timmy, who have all been missing for two whole moons. We still want to figure out what happened to them, but we can’t just abandon Tyler, so we plan to rescue him first. After all of us are free, then we’ll hunt BJT.

Travis goes to the front door and asks Mrs. Dragos for Tyler. Even as he asks, we can hear Tyler screaming. The rest of us go around back and figure out how to get up to Tyler’s window. Travis and I tried this a month ago and we both fell, so I think I’ll try and get a rope this time. Hank works at the Inn, and so I tell him that we are all climbing trees and need some rope. He looks at me questioningly for a few moments. Then he hands over fifty feet of rope! That’s more than enough. I hurry back to the gang. Our first plan is to toss Ma`ud up into Tyler’s room and have him hold onto the rope. Evan picks up Ma`ud, saying the little guy can’t hold our weight. Lily then calls Evan fat.

With our first plan shattered, we then decide that Evan will climb up to Tyler's window and jump in, then tie the rope to something. He scrambles up the wall really well, actually. It must be because I made new hand and foot holds when I tried to climb up so many days ago. But, Evan forgot the rope, like a dope. Lily throws it up to him, but Evan realizes he doesn’t know how to tie a rope. Instead, he pulls Lily up so she can tie a knot, but she falls and brings the rope down.

She throws it up again. Evan pulls her up again. Then she ties it to the heaviest thing in the whole room, the bed. Travis then climbs up, pulling the bed toward the window. The noise is pretty loud from the bed being dragged across the floor. When Travis grabs the windowsill, he challenges me to climb up the rope, too. I tell him that I don't want to make everyone else look bad.

From below, I can hear that Tyler has stopped screaming. Then I see Evan jump out of the window, like he expects me to catch him or something, but he grabs the rope, swinging him back into the wall where he slams into Travis! Then I hear Mr. Dragos’ voice yell from Tyler’s room. That’s my cue to ditch out. Aeryn and I run for the next building and duck around the corner. We decide to wait it out.

I catch a glimpse of Evan running around the side of the Inn. He’s got the rope and he’s running fast. I hope Lily and Travis got out okay. Mr. Dragos’ voice carries across the space and I can hear it fine.

He bellows out, “What are you doing hanging from the window, boy?!”

Travis mumbles something.

Mr. Dragos laughs, “Stupid boy. No one wakes up on a windowsill!”

Travis mumbles something else.

Mr. Dragos says, “Well, this is a lousy hiding place. Half the town can see you up here!”

Travis tries one more time.

Finally, “you’re coming with me, Travis, and you’re not going to like it!”

My heart is racing. What has happened to Travis? Where is Lily? Where did Evan run off to? After a few more beats, I hear Lily’s voice cry out, “Evander, catch me!” followed by a loud thump. Evan yells for help, which pulls Aeryn to her feet. As she darts around the corner, I get up to follow. Aeryn finds Lily unconscious and quickly tends to her wounds.

Our attention to Lily is broken by the twin sounds of Tyler and Travis screaming at the top of their lungs. Aeryn and Evan and I take Lily to Orvani's hut looking for Brother Thomas. We tell him that she fell out of a tree. He doesn’t even quiz us or anything (everyone is gullible in this town). Brother Thomas prays to Erastil who gives him the power to heal Lily! I can’t figure out how he does it! What a trick!

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