The Adventures of Rothus, page 9 [D-51]

Tarenvale, healer’s hut:

Unfortunately, we still need to rescue Tyler and now we also have to rescue Travis. Aeryn devises a plan where she will pretend that she needs Tyler to escort her to one of the farms away from town and does not feel safe going alone. The problem is, we don’t have anything for Aeryn to deliver to the farm. She says we need a basket of “goodies.” I suggest we get some goodies from the general store. Mr. Grady has all sorts of cool things!

Lily often sells poultices to Mr. Grady and so she went to the store and talked to him about payment. He gave her 18 silver! Lily is rich, now! But that doesn’t matter, since I was able to grab some eggs, butter, honey and milk while Mr. Grady was looking the wrong way. Aeryn and I leave quickly and meet up with Lily a few moments later.

Lily stops in the street and says, “Do you think I can buy some fireworks from Mr. Grady?”, then goes back in the store. When she comes out, Evan is carrying a large barrel of something. We look at it and see that it is glitter! Awesome!!! There's plenty of it to cover Ma`ud! We could bless people with it! Lily blows a bunch of glitter on Evan. He's never going to get that off! I hope I don’t get any on me. It will make it harder for me to hide.

Aeryn takes the basket of goodies to the Inn. I hide around the corner and watch. Tyler and Travis are not being whipped any more, we can tell by the lack of screaming. Aeryn runs into Travis leaving the Inn with a note pinned to his shirt. It says, “Your son was caught trying to break into my son's room.” Aeryn quickly removes the note, which worries Travis. Aeryn says that people are so distracted by the festival that the Dragoses will forget to mention it to the Neoses.

Travis comes around the corner to hide. Aeryn goes to the front door and says that she needs Tyler to go with her on an errand. Mrs. Dragos asks Aeryn to wait, and then goes back into the Inn. After a while, there is a huge commotion from behind the Inn. I run around the corner just in time to see Mr. Dragos pull Tyler into the back door of the Inn, but Tyler resists. He then knocks Tyler out with a swing. That’s my cue to leave! We all flee at different speeds except Travis who sticks around like an idiot. I look back to see Mr. Dragos knock out Travis as well and throw both boys over his shoulders.


Mr. Dragos is carrying them towards me! He’s going to knock me out, too! As I run past the Tavern, Mr. Dragos slows down and approaches the door. I stop to watch from a distance. Mr. Neos and Mr. Dragos talk briefly. Next thing I know, Mr. Neos punches Mr. Dragos, leaving him knocked out on the ground. He just punched the mayor!

Dalton will know what to do! I rush to find him. Afraid that I’ll have to run all the way to his house, I am relieved to find him in town. I tell him to follow me and run off to the Tavern. He chases after me and sees Mr. Neos standing over Mr. Dragos's body. He then pulls out two sets of steel manacles and locks them onto the arms and legs of Mr. Dragos? I thought Dalton would have arrested Mr. Neos, but I like this better, so I won’t complain. Dalton looks me right in the eyes and says I can’t tell anyone about this. I run off to find the others.

I find Lily, Aeryn and Evan at the forge and tell them that Travis and Tyler are free! But they are totally distracted by the glitter. Lily is trying to get a bag for it from Mrs. Smith. Evan’s ma is hesitant, but gives us a bag anyway. We tell her we are going to go investigate the whereabouts of Billy, Jimmy & Timmy. She gets a scared look on her face for a moment and then relaxes it really quickly. She says we don't have to check on BJT. She insists that we don't look for them. Now I’m really curious!

The four of us go to the Tavern to see Tyler and Travis. They are awake, but their faces are swollen really badly so Aeryn treats their wounds. Tyler says he doesn’t have a pa. He starts calling his pa Mr. Dragos. It’s like he thinks that he is an adult.

Lily uses her witch powers to find out that something weird happened to Mr. Dragos. I tried to ditch out before breaking my promise to Dalton, but Tyler grabbed me and Lily threw glitter on me!! I'll never be able to wash this off!! Well, I’ll never be sneaky again with all this glitter on me, so I might as well tell them what they want to know. I tell them that Mr. Dragos brought Travis and Tyler to the Tavern and that Mr. Neos knocked out Mr. Dragos. I also tell them that Dalton arrested Mr. Dragos. But that’s all I said!

Tyler and Travis join us on our investigation, but first need to be bought back up to fighting strength. We go to Brother Thomas and tell him that Mr. Dragos punched them. Brother Thomas heals both of them.

Tyler says that he wants to kill Mr. and Mrs. Dragos, no longer calling them his parents. Lily tells him that is a bad thing to want. Brother Thomas then says that Tyler should listen to Lily. That is a rare thing to hear! Of course, Brother Thomas is not from around here and doesn’t realize that Lily is an outcast.

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