Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part 1

Evander returned home after the goblin fight with the weapons his father had let him and his friends borrow.

“Boy, where’s the other quarter staff I gave you?” asked Cruroar.

“Lily has it,” replied Evander.

“What?!” exclaimed Cruroar.

“Well, she fell down during the fight and I had to carry her back to the village. She recovered some of her strength but needed a little help getting home so I loaned her the staff,” rambled Evander with his head down cast.

“Boy, I didn’t give you those weapons; now go to bed with out dinner while I think of a fitting punishment,” said Cruroar. Evander did as his father said and went to bed without supper thinking over the days events. The next two months passed uneventfully, and it took Evander that long to finish the punishment set before him by his father. Evander’s punishment was to make a new quarterstaff.

Cruroar would give his son a length of wood which Evander was to smooth out and shave down till it was a straight piece of wood the size of a quarter around and about six feet long. Each completed staff would be brought to his father who, after looking it over would break it in half and say, “Again.” Evander did this while still maintaining a normal work load meaning that he didn’t have much free time.

Evander didn’t know that his father was giving him inferior wood to make the quarterstaffs with and so continued to make them. This continued for about five weeks, finally Cruroar was satisfied that his son could make a decent quarter staff and so, gave him a piece of willow. Evander picked up the wood noticing that it was a different color and significantly heavier than the wood he had been working with. Once he had finished his father looked over the final product and with a nod of approval placed the staff with the few others for sale.

This took Evander till two days before Harvest Festival. Harvest Festival is one of the biggest events in Tarenvale. This festival draws in people from all the neighboring towns, including Newport. Since this is a time of celebration, some businesses slow down while others need to hire temporary help. The forge being one of the businesses that slows down during the festival, Evander was given the next 3 days off.
Two days before harvest festival…

Evander hardly slept the night before and took his time waking up in the morning, not to much but more than usual. He didn’t have to work and could go play with his friends, hence why he got up; he didn’t want to waste one of his precious days off. After eating breakfast Evander went in search of his friends, he hadn’t had much time to play and intended to make up for lost time.

While searching for his friends Evander enjoys the festivities which have already begun and hears a rumor that there will be fire works for the Harvest Festival. After asking around town about the fireworks Evander runs into his friends, all except Tyler. “Hey guys, do you know if there will be fireworks?” asks Evander.

“What? There are going to be fireworks? Who told you?” asks Travis.

“I don’t know if there are going to be fireworks, that’s why I’m asking you.” Replies Evander.

“Hey guys, what ever happened to BJT?” asked Lilith.

“I don’t know,” said Rothus.

“Beats me,” said Evander.

“Maybe there dead,” said Travis.

“Let’s go to there house and find out,” suggested Lilith.

Before this train of though could go any farther the group of friends heard the familiar lament of Tyler from getting a whupin. I wonder what he has done this time, thinks Evander. “Hey, lets go save Tyler,” says Lilith.

“How?” asks Evander.

“We could distract Mr. Dragos and sneak out with Tyler,” says Lilith.

“We could climb into his room and sneak ‘kidnap’ him,” says Travis.

“The only problem with Lily’s plan is that Tyler is still getting a whupin,” says Rothus.

“Ok, let’s try to get him out of his room, but who is going to climb up and we are going to need some rope,” says Travis.

“I know how to get some rope,” says Rothus heading over to the inn’s stables. After a short time Rothus returns dragging what must be fifty feet of rope. “I got the best rope ever, look it even has spots,” says Rothus.

“Ok but who is going to climb up and tie the rope?” asks Erin.

“We can have Ma`ud climb up and then we can climb up,” says Rothus.

“I don’t think Ma`ud could support one of us,” replies Evander easily picking up the two tailed fox, who looks at Lilith with concern about his future. “How about I climb instead,” says Evander.

“I can tie the rope,” says Lilith. And so the plan is made, Evander will climb up the wall and then use the rope to pull up Lilith. Evander climbs the side of the building with no problems, opens the window and gets into Tyler’s room, however, he forgot the rope. After two tries Lilith manages to get Evander the rope.

Evander tries to pull up Lilith but before he gets her two feet off the ground slips. “Oof,” says Lilith.

“Sorry, the rope is surprisingly slippery,” says Evander. He gets a better grip on the rope and manages to pull Lilith up to Tyler’s room. Trying not to make any unessesary noise Lilith ties the rope to the most secure place in the room, Tyler’s bed. Once secure Evander throws the rope out the window and Travis is the third to climb up the inn’s wall.

Unfortunately, Travis is heavier than the bed and there is a loud scraping noise as the bed shifts, Evander quickly grabs the rope and braces his legs against the window frame while Lilith jumps onto the bed to increase its weight. Between the two of them they prevent the bed from moving any more and hope no one noticed.

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