Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part 2

Once Travis reaches the top and peers in the window he sees Evander at the windowsill and Lilith lying on the bed. “Am I interrupting something?” he asks.

“No just get in, you're heavy,” says Evander. However just as he says that the trio hear a heavy foot step on the stairwell leading to this room. Without thinking, each one does what they think is necessary. Evander leaps out the window holding the rope like he had seen in books, only to pull the bed more and to come swinging into Travis, both boys manage to hold on and not fall.

Lilith dives under the bed trying to hide from whatever is coming up the stairs. Poor Travis just hangs onto the windowsill hoping he won’t be noticed. Evander continues to climb down the rope and gets half way before he hears the door slam open. Fearing what is to come Evander drops the rest of the way but lands funny and bruises his ankle. Just as he lands the rope lands with him, so he gathers it up and runs, trying not to be spotted.

After running for a while with the rope, Evander remembers Lilith and circles back for her. She was able to hide and he sees her in Tyler’s window just as the screams begin. “Evander, catch,” says Lilith in mid air. She jumped out the window, thought Evander wasting precious seconds. Do you think I’m supposed to catch her? Oh, she’s falling. I had better catch her. By the time Evander began to react, Lilith had hit the ground with a solid thud.

“Hey Lily, you ok, Lily?” asked Evander worried. “Aeryn I need your help!” yelled Evander. “C’mon Lily be ok, please be ok,” said Evander very worried that Lilith wasn’t moving. Luckily Aeryn was close by and came running.

Aeryn patches up Lilith and says “Ok, lets take her to Brother Thomas, he is still at Orvani’s.” Evander nods his head and picks up Lilith and carries her to Orvani’s. “Brother Thomas, Lily needs your help she is hurt bad,” says Aeryn while Evander carries Lilith to one of the cots in the hut.

“My goodness what happened to her?” asks Brother Thomas.

Putting on her most innocent and concerned face Aeryn says, “We were playing and Lily decided to climb a tree, and she climbed really high up, but then she lost her balance and fell. Please Brother Thomas you have to help her,” Aeryn said on the verge of tears.

“Alright, alright I will help her, you kids are going to use up all my power aren’t you?” says Brother Thomas who then says a prayer and puts his hands on Lilith who takes a in a deep breath and regains consciousness. “Don’t worry, she is as good as new, no more climbing tall trees ok?” Brother Thomas warns them.

“Thank you,” replies Aeryn, Evander stays quiet not wanting his tongue to betray Aeryn’s lie and follows the two girls out the door. It takes them some searching but they eventually manage to find Rothus.

“Ok, so how are we going to save Tyler and Travis?” asks Lilith.

“I don’t think we should, I mean, we just made it worse by trying to save Tyler,” says Evander.

“I know, we should get some eggs and milk and then we will go to the Dragos’ house and I will ask if Tyler can help me carry a basket out to one of the farms,” Aeryn suggests.

“That could work, but how will we get milk and eggs,” asks Evander.

“Leave that to me, I have an idea,” says Rothus. “I just need someone to distract Mr. Grady.”

“I can help with that,” says Lilith. And so the friends head to the general store. On the way Aeryn spots Travis and runs up to him.

“Hey come with us,” says Erin.

“I can’t, I’m supposed to go straight home,” says Travis fearfully. “I have a note that says what has happened and if I don’t go home and my parents find out from Tyler’s parents I’m going to be in so much trouble.”

Erin rips the note off Travis’ shirt and throws it, “Don’t worry. How are they going to know?” asks Aeryn.

“Well from Tyler’s parents,” says Travis.

“It’s Harvest Festival, do you think your parents are going to see Tyler’s parents any time soon?” questions Aeryn.

“Good point, lets go,” replies Travis. The group of friends continues to the general store. Evander waits out side the general store watching the people for harvest festival while the rest head inside. It’s amazing how many people come to our small town, thought Evander while waiting for the others. He watched some of the street performers from a distance and just enjoyed the outside air. After a few minutes Rothus emerges with Aeryn's basket now full of milk and eggs. Then the rest of his friends exit; all, that is, except Lilith.

“Hey Evander I need your help,” calls Lilith.

What does she need me for? Wonders Evander as he walks in to the general store.

“See I bought a barrel full of glitter and I was wondering if you could carry it for me,” Lilith says matter-of-factly.

Erastil preserve us, what could she need with that much glitter? What could anyone need with that much glitter? Evander thinks worriedly. “Um, sure Lily, if you use the rope to make a harness.”

“Okay, hey Mr. Grady, do you have a bag for the glitter?” asks Lilith.

“You already have a barrel full of it, why do you need a bag?” asks Mr. Grady.

“Well the barrel is kind a big so I need a bag to carry some glitter in.”

“You spent all your money on the barrel and don’t have any to buy a bag.”

“Ok, bye Mr. Grady,” says Lilith walking out the store with Evander in tow. “Hey Evander,” says Lilith mischievously. As Evander looks at her his world becomes filled with color as a hand full of glitter flies into his face.

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