Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part 5

“The dark doesn’t bother me I can see fine,” she replies absently.

“That’s not what I asked; I asked if you could make it home before dark.”

“I have to go home.”

“I don’t think you should go home tonight, how about we find you a place in town?”

“Not my town, need to go home, don’t belong in town.”

Dalton shows up by this time to take charge of the situation. “I think it’s about time you kids head back to town. C’mon, I’ll take you,” said Dalton.

“Not my town, have to go home. Mother will worry if I’m not home before dark,” said Lilith.

“Lilith, your mom’s in town, she came because she heard what’s happened and worried about you,” replied Dalton.

“Mom’s not from town. She lives in the forest, we don’t belong in town.”

Evander grabs Lilith by the shoulders and looks her straight in the eyes. “Lily, Dalton is saying your mom is in town.”

“But it’s not her town. We live in the forest, I have to go home,” is Lilith’s response.

Evander feels a sick feeling in his stomach he didn’t think he would ever feel again, but this time it wasn’t as bad and he was able to control himself. Dalton moves towards Lilith and picks her up. “I’ll carry her to town, you kids go home,” commands Dalton. The kids comply not knowing what else to do.

Aeryn went her way, Lilith was in Dalton’s hands (literally) which just left Rothus, Travis and Evander. As they were walking they noticed Tyler passed out in the door way of the inn. “I think we should help him,” said Rothus. So the three boys carried Tyler to a bed. Evander left as soon as Tyler was settled, he didn’t want to be in the inn any longer than necessary and so he left. As Evander left the inn, he punched the door frame with a solid blow fighting to hold back tears. Rothus is put up for the night at the Smith’s since he lives so far out of town.

Evander went home and straight to bed but he couldn’t sleep. He spent all night thinking about the day’s events. About how he didn’t know Tyler anymore and how there had been so much violence today.

Day before Harvest Festival…

The cruel world once again turn and the longest night had finally passed for Evander when he heard a scream of horror.

Despite his fatigue Evander gets out of bed, quickly dresses then wakes Rothus and his father. “I heard a scream, I think it came from the inn,” said Evander.

“Ok boy, lets go check it out,” said Cruroar once again grabbing his forge hammer.

“Do you think I could get a something to defend myself?” asks Rothus. Cruroar just looks at him. 

“Right,” he says to himself picking up a stick. One of the many, many broken quarter staff prototypes that Evander had made. Before the get half way to the inn they meet Tyler looking very pale and frightened.

“Ok, you guys where at the inn yesterday right? And you saw my mom dead right?” said Tyler.

“I really don’t want to talk about that,” replied Rothus.

“Guys please this is really important, I mean, I’m not going crazy am I? Please just tell me you saw my mom dead.”

Mustering up all of his willpower Evander replied, “Yes.”

“Okay, because I went into my mom and dad's room and found them tied up in the closet,” said Tyler.

“Tyler, what do you mean you found your parents tied up in a closet?” asked Rothus.

“This is the first time you haven’t believed me…” said Tyler.

“Well, you where really drunk last night so how do I know you really saw them?” inquired Rothus.

“Because Dalton saw them as well,” said Tyler.

Me and Rothus look at him dumbfounded and follow him to the inn. We go up the stairs to Tyler’s parents room and in there we see Dalton watching Mr. & Mrs. Dragos… Mr. & Mrs. Dragos… are… alive… what is going on here? thinks Evander, extremely confused and very frightened. “Dalton, what’s going on?” askes Cruroar.

“Changelings. They attacked the Dragos’ about a week ago and have been impersonating them,” Dalton replies calmly.

“What’s a changeling?” I ask not really wanting to know the answer.

“They're beings that can make themselves look like anyone they want, very difficult to uncover but it can be done,” he replied.

Dalton eventually releases Mr.& Mrs. Dragos now certain there not changelings. They embrace there son who starts talking about whupins. “I’m going to get Orvani to make sure there ok,” said Evander not knowing how to handle the situation. He walks in a daze over to the healer’s hut where he sees Orvani, Lilith and some strange woman he has never met before.

“Orvani, come quick, Mr. & Mrs. Dragos are alive and need help,” said Evander.

“Alive, what do you mean?” asks Orvani calmly.

“Dalton said something about changelings and…” Before Evander can continue Orvani interrupts him.

“Changelings…” she says astonished before heading for the inn.

“I don’t know whats going on, I mean Mr. & Mrs. Dragos where killed yesterday. I mean until two weeks ago I didn’t know goblins existed and now we have changelings. What’s going on? How come it had to happen to us?” and Evander continued to ramble all the way back to the inn.

By the time they got back Evander had calmed down a little and had stopped talking. Orvani went over and tended to Mr. & Mrs. Dragos; while Dalton explained the situation. Eventually Lilith entered the room with a beautiful and strange woman whom Evander had never seen before. Lilith seemed to know her as she was holding the woman’s hand tightly. “Who is this woman?” asks Tyler.

“She’s my mom,” replies Lilith.

“Umm, Mrs. Graves can I ask you a question? Is Lily’s father really the devil?” said Tyler unwisely. Lilith held out her hand muttered a strange word and a small ball of fire sprung forth striking Tyler.

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