Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part 4

“There resting in the tavern,” replied Rothus.

“Lets go see them,” said Aeryn. The group goes to the back room of the tavern and find Tyler and Travis lying on beds looking worse for wear. They have regained conciousness and Rothus tells them what happened as well whilst Aeryn tends to there wounds. She manages to get Travis’ swelling down a little but Tyler is beyond her abilities.

While Aeryn is healing Tylor and Travis, Evander feeling like everyone should share his pain whispers to Lilith, “Hey, you know what would make them feel better? Glitter.” To which Lilith looks pleased and throws glitter on them.

Tyler grabs Rothus by the shirt and seeing an opening Lilith hits him with a fist full of glitter. “Tell me, did Dalton kill Mr. Dragos?” but as he finishes his sentence Rothus slips from his grip.

“No he just arrested him,” replies Rothus.

“I hope Dalton killed Mr. Dragos. All he did was beat me, and I’m an adult now, and I don’t need to be beaten no more. I tried to run away, but they wouldn’t let me, and I told them that not eating would be better than getting whupins but they made me jump out the window and if you guys weren’t there I would’ve died.” Tyler begins to ramble his speech slurred due to his swollen face.

How can he say such things, I mean, he gets to go on trips, his family owns the inn so all he has to do is change sheets and clean dishes. It has to be easier than working the forge all day, what’s a little bit of whupins compared to that? Thinks Evander. Luckily Rothus changes the topic.

“Hey, if your dad’s in jail, does that make you man of the house and mayor?” says Rothus.

“Well yeah, I suppose so. I mean I am an adult now and Mr. Dragos is in Jail…” Tyler continues to ramble.

“Let’s go get Orvani and Brother Thomas to heal them,” suggests Aeryn.

“Ok, let’s go,” Evander quickly agrees not wanting to listen to what Tyler is saying. How could he want his parents dead? thinks Evander. They go to Orvani’s healing hut and find both Orvani and Brother Thomas. All they say is that Tyler and Travis are badly hurt and need attention.

When they get back to the tavern Mr. and Mrs. Neos tell them what has happened and Brother Thomas quickly heals them, there swelling disappears and they're as good as new. Tyler suddenly gets out of bed and starts heading to the front door, as do the others. Evander slowly turns around to see what is going on. When he turns he sees Dalton heading towards the front of the inn.

Evander follows the others to a window to peek into the inn to see what is happening while Tyler heads to the front door to watch. Once Evander gets to the window he sets down the barrel of glitter and looks in. Evander can’t believe what he sees: Dalton has his sword out and is fighting for his life as Miriam attacks him viciously with an axe. Not wanting to see Dalton get hurt Evander begins heading to the forge with Lilith at his heals.

When the two of them get to the forge Evander begins to ramble “DadcomequickMr.DaltonandMrs.DragosarefightingandIdidn’tknowwhoelsetogetothelp!”

While Lilith keeps her calm “Follow us Mr. Smith, Mr. Dalton and Mrs. Dragos are fighting!”

“Alright, lets go, I got a gold on Dalton!” says Cruroar hefting his smithing hammer and heading to the inn. Once they get there the fight is over, Dalton is sitting in a chair a deep gash in his shoulder/chest. “See, I knew Dalton would win,” said Cruroar upon seeing the after math.

On the ground lies Mrs. Dragos, a slash across her neck, stomach and ribs. Next to her Tyler tries to lift the axe she was using. “Mr. Dalton, if she isn’t dead can I kill her, I mean she made my life miserable and I’m glad she’s dead now,” Tyler says kicking the corpse.

Evander’s thoughts freeze for half a second at that comment and Lilith just freezes. “Tyler, leave it! Now get out of here the adults have things to discuss,” Dalton says.

“But I’m an adult now, I mean I’m fourteen and my parents are dead, does this mean I run the inn? This is my home now,” says Tyler.

“Tyler leave, you kids too, the adults will take care of this” Dalton continues.

“Yes you kids leave, we adults have things to talk about,” Tyler continues.

“Tyler, that means you to,” says Dalton.

“But this is my house and I’m an adult now, you can’t treat me like a kid. I have an inn to run. Now, get out of my house, I have work to do,” says Tyler.

Cruroar approaches Tyler and practically throws him out the door. “Go, we have things to discuss,” says Cruroar in a somber tone. Mrs. Neos leads us towards the tavern.

“C’mon, lets go to the tavern, and get you kids something to drink,” Mrs. Neos said.

“No thanks, I’m going to the pond,” said Evander sulkily as he began walking towards the pond, everyone but Tyler following. As they walked they could hear Tyler continue to rant about how he was an adult and how happy he was his parents where dead.

At the pond everyone begins to deal with the days tragedy there own way. Evander with draws into to himself and begins throwing stones into the pond. Travis becomes even less focused than normal. Rothus seems to handle the situation with ease. Lilith goes almost catatonic and just sits with her head in her knees. Evander doesn’t pay attention to the conversations that go on around him which is mostly just Travis and Rothus talking.

Eventually, Evander looks to the sky to begin to see the setting sun. “I think we should get going, Lily, will you make it home before dark?” asks Evander concerned for Lilith’s safety.

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