Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part 3

How did she get that glitter when I have this barrel on my back? thinks Evander. “I feel like a vampire,” responds Evander with his head now sparkling in the sun light. Lilith is laughing with delight and throwing glitter everywhere. There is a steady trail of it wherever they go. The group of friends now head to the inn in order to attempt to rescue Tyler once more.

Aeryn approaches the main entrance whilst the others circle around back trying to stay out of sight. Unfortunately Tyler is still getting a whupin and Aeryn’s offer is turned down so they wander around town enjoying what festivities have already begun. After an hour of wandering around; the group once again finds itself behind the inn. Lilith finally finds a bag lying on the ground and inspects it. Inside the bag she finds clothes which belong to Tyler.

“Hey, these look like Tyler’s things, why would they be in the street?” questions Lilith. Evander looks up to the window in time to see Tyler standing in the windowsill.

Oh no, not again! Thinks Evander, however this time he reacts almost instantly. Evander, glittering in the sun moves swift and sure with a barrel strapped to his back and with grace and easy manages to catch Tyler and prevent him from seriously injuring himself.

As Evander sets Tyler down Lilith says “Oh, I see how it is, hmmph!” and begins to pout.

“You caught me off guard,” calmly replies Evander his cheeks beginning to color with embarrassment and anger at his earlier failure. Before Evander can say anything more, the front of the inn slams open and Mr. Dragos comes storming out. He storms over and grabs Tyler by the collar and yanks him closer.

“Boy, I’m not done with you!” bellows Eldon.

“No, I’m not going to get another whupin, I’m sick and tired of it. Your not my father, I’m an adult now and don’t deserved to get whuped so just leave me alone,” Tyler says talking back to his father. Eldon decks his son, sending him to the ground where he doesn’t move before going over to Travis.

“I told you to go home, boy,” says Eldon in a rage.

“I, ummm,” is all Travis gets out before Eldon punches him as well sending him to the ground. He then lifts each boy over the shoulder.

“Leave them alone!” yells Lilith as she runs up and kicks Eldon in the knee. He just turns to stare at her.

This is not good, if he is willing to hit Tyler and Travis, what will he do to Lily? Thinks Evander as he grabs Lilith’s hand and runs for home trying to get Lilith to safety. They reach Evander’s home slightly winded.

“Evander, why did you do that? Mr. Dragos might really kill Tyler and Travis, why didn’t you fight him?” chides Lilith to Evander.

“Did you see what he did to Tyler and Travis, what makes you think he couldn’t do the same to me, and if he is willing to do that to them what is he willing to do to you Lily?” Evander replies in serious tone of voice.

“My goodness, what is going on here?” asks a voice from inside the house. Soon after Alilove comes from around the corner to see Evander and Lilith standing in the door way.

“Hi mom,” says Evander.

“Hi Mrs. Smith, do you have a bag I can borrow?” asks Lilith pursuing a more important goal than her friends lives.

“Lilith why do you need… Evander why is there a barrel strapped to your back?”

“It’s Lily’s, she asked me to carry it,” replied Evander.

“I see, Lilith, where did you get the money for a barrel full of glitter?” asked Alilove going into motherhood mode.

“Well, I got money from Mr. Grady because he sells the potions that mother and I make,” replied Lilith.

“I see, shouldn’t that money have gone back to your mother?”

“But, he had all this glitter and its so pretty and it was an entire barrel for only eighteen silver.”

“I see,” Alilove said knowing all to well.

“So can I have a bag please, a really big bag!”

 “Small bag,” whispered Evander to his mother knowing that Lilith couldn’t carry all that much.

“Here you go,” said Alilove handing Lilith a small bag which she promptly filled up with glitter.

“Thank you Mrs. Smith,” said Lilith spilling glitter all over.

“Are you going to clean that up?” asked Alilove.

“Oh, um yes,” said Lilith leaning over to try to scoop up the glitter only to have more spill out of the bag.

“Just, go, I’ll clean it up,” Alilove said shaking her head.

“Ok, thanks Mrs. Smith” said Lilith leaving the house.

“Thanks mom,” said Evander following Lilith. They searched town for Rothus, and Aeryn since they got split up when Mr. Dragos attacked Tyler and Travis. Evander and Lilith head back to the inn. However, they find Rothus standing in the street. Rothus leads them to the tavern where Tyler and Travis are resting in back. “Rothus, what happened,” Evander asked as Rothus was suspiciously quiet.

“Ok, if I tell you guys you have to promise not to tell anyone,” said Rothus. Aeryn, Lilith and Evander quickly agreed. “Ok, so Mr. Dragos carried Tyler and Travis over here to the Tavern and went around back and knocked on the door. When Mr. Neos answered he saw Travis on the ground and Tyler over Mr. Dragos’ shoulder, and with out a word, just punched him in the face and knocked him out, it was awesome. Then he saw me and told me to get Mr. Dalton so I did and then when we got back, Dalton arrested the mayor.”

“Mr. Dalton arrested the mayor?” they all asked.

“Yep, but he told me not to tell anyone so you have to keep this quiet,” said Rothus.

“What about Tyler and Travis?” asked Aeryn.

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