Evander-And the World Turns Upside Down Part the Last

“Lilith,” chides the woman who is now confirmed to be Lilith’s mom.

Lilith runs outside and Glenda (Lilith’s mom) goes after her after excusing herself. After a bit they return. “I’m sorry,” says Lilith not sounding very sorry. 

“I will only accept your apology if you will be my girlfriend,” says Tyler.

Good luck, then you can carry around the barrel of glitter, thinks Evander half heartedly.

Lilith blushes, part from embarrassment and part from anger. “Don’t say things like that in front of my mother, besides, she made me apologize,” said Lilith.

Evander took this opportunity to sneak out not knowing how much more he could take and spent the rest of the day at home resting. The day passed uneventfully each kid keeping there own counsel and reflecting of the days events until the big bonfire that kicks off Harvest Day. That time quickly arrived and everyone enjoyed the bonfire, and so began the Harvest Festival.

Harvest Festival Day…

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