Evander Smith, 1st part

Evander’s day began like most days, with the crowing of the roosters, and his attempt to stay in bed. After five minutes of failing to get anymore sleep, he finally gave in and got up. He ate a typical breakfast of eggs and ham with his family. “Alright boy, there is a lot of work to do so I’m going to need your help today,” said Cruroar Smith after breakfast.

“Yes Pa,” replied Evander in a resigned voice. He didn’t mind working the forge, but like most kids he wanted to play instead of work. Evander’s responsibilities were to pump the bellows, feed the fire. He rarely hammered metal, but when he did it was only under the watchful eye of his father.

By the noon time it was time for a break and the mid day meal. Evander finished what he was working on; his father had already headed back to the house. After Evander was finished he wiped his dirty hands on his leather apron and hung it up. As he opened the door to leave, a bucket of, well, something fell on him smelling very foul. At first Evander just stood there from surprise, but then he heard the laughing of three boys he knew all to well.

Reasoning with them had long since failed (Evander not being good with words, this was no surprise) so he resorted to the one thing he had, physical prowess. He began running towards the three boys, named Jimmy, Timmy and Billy. They were the town bullies and every chance they got they made no end of mischief for Evander or the other kids of the town. The bullies saw Evander coming at them and decided to run.

Evander is not a small kid, almost 2 years of working in the forge were beginning to show, his skin was tanning from the heat and his muscles were beginning to show. The bullies were about three buildings away, Evander didn’t think he would catch them, but he had to make the effort in hopes that they would stop bothAeryng him and his sister. The bullies ran. Evander lost site of them as they rounded a corner of a building.

Evander thought that he had lost the three bullies, however, as he rounded that same corner he heard one of the boys fall and grunt in pain, then he saw the other two fall over there fallen comrade. He slowed to a walk and calmly walked up to the three boys as they tried to untangle themselves from each other. “Not so funny now is it,” said Evander sounding very irritated.

“No,” said Timmy.

“We're v-very s-sorry Evander,” said Billy sounding scared and not very sincere.

Evander heard a small girlish voice coming from the bush that said “Serves you right.” It belonged to Aeryn, the village healer's apprentice and friend.

Not wanting to let the bullies know who was hiding he asked “So little bush, what should we do with them?”

To which the bush replied, “Give them a good thumping.” So Evander gave them a good kick hitting Billy in the ribs with his foot, and catching Jimmy in the ribs with his shin. Poor Timmy got a shin to the face. Timmy was just out and the other two began to moan in pain.

“Don’t do that again,” said Evander to the three bullies. He then turned to the bush and said “You’re a healer right, make sure they don’t die.”

“Aww do I have to?” Replied Aeryn. Not giving an answer, Evander stormed off to the forge to clean up the mess that had been left behind.

Evander went back to the forge and removed his now soiled shirt that smelled like, well he didn’t want to know so he just removed it and began to clean up whatever had been in the bucket. He was close to finishing when Lilith walk up and said, “Hey Evander, what’s that smell?”

She really is a witch, thought Evander as he froze. One would think that after being caught in compromising positions such as this he would know how to handle them. Unfortunately, Evander still had no idea. It’s like she knows just when to show up. Realizing he had still not greeted his friend, Evander put on a small smile, looked at Lilith and with a small wave and said, “Hello Lilith.” Lilith, the daughter of a Witch and an Elf, most of the town feared her. However, Evander accepted her as just another kid and got along with her just fine, though his dad didn’t like her.

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