Evander Smith, 2nd part

Just as he said that, Rothus showed up, “Hey Evander, what’s that smell?”

Having time to get over the shock of Lilith, Evander replied, “You don’t want to know.” Just then a two-tailed fox approached and dropped a stick in front of him. “Hey Ma`ud,” said Evander.

“Come on lets go play at the lake. Has anyone seen Aeryn?” said Lilith.

“Sure,” replied Rothus.

“Sorry, I still have chores to do. And, I saw Aeryn a few houses down that way behind a bush.”

“A bush? What was she doing there?” inquired Lilith.

“Hiding from them,” said Evander.

“Oh, I did that too on the way here,” said Lilith. “So Shall we go?” asked Lilith again.

“Sorry but I have to finish up chores.”

“C’mon, you’ve done enough, I mean, I had to feed all the pigs today,” said Rothus.

“Hey Ma`ud, fetch Aeryn,” said Lilith and Ma`ud began sniffing around and once he found her scent, went bounding of with a big grin on his face.

“Oh, all the pigs. Not just one or two this time,” replied Evander rolling his eyes in response to Rothus. Rothus was known for getting out of work any way possible, even sneaking off when his father wasn’t looking. Evander was a good kid and decided as much fun as it would be to go play he had work to do. “Sorry but I have work to do.”

“You know, if you leave the chores, they are magically done when you get back,” said Rothus trying to play devils advocate.

“Aww, it will just be for an hour or two Evander, you’ll have plenty of time to finish, besides you need to take a break every once and a while,” said Lilith trying to help Rothus convince Evander.

“Look I have work to do, you two go on. If I finish early I will catch up later,” said Evander.

“Pleeeease, you know you want to go skipping stones with us down at the pond,” said Lilith.

“That does sound fun,” replied Rothus. Just then Ma`ud returned and looked at Lilith who said, “What do you mean she wouldn’t follow you? Fine I’ll go get her,” and she began to follow Ma`ud.

“What do you think that was about?” asked Rothus.

To which Evander wisely replied, “Lilly being Lilly.” Evander kept working on cleaning up the mess while Rothus kept trying to convince him to go play.

“Look, I’ll help you with your chores so you can get done faster,” said Rothus picking up a hammer and swinging it around.

“Look, I barely know what I’m doing, you have no clue.” Before Rothus could reply a giant hand grab his wrist while another one removed the hammer from his hand.

“Boy what did I tell you about being in my forge and using my tools?” said Cruroar Smith, Evanders father.

“Don’t?” asked Rothus.

“Correct, now, GET OUT!” yelled Cruroar, to which Rothus complied, quickly.

“Boy, what happened here?” asked Cruroar.

But before Evander could reply he heard, “Hello Evander, Hi Mr. Smith,” from Aeryn. Evander hadn’t noticed Lilith return with Aeryn because of the commotion with his father and Rothus.

“Hello Aeryn,” said Cruroar ignoring Lilith.

“Can Evander come with us to play, please?” asked Aeryn looking as innocent as possible.

“Ehrm, well boy, I can finish up here, you run along and play.”

“Thanks pa,” said Evander who quickly went to the house to put on some clean clothes and to escape before his father changed his mind.

“Hello son,” said Alilove, Evander’s mother as he entered the house. “You’re done early. What happened?” asked Alilove as Evander went into his room to change.

“Aeryn,” replied Evander.

“Ah, such a sweet girl, so do you like her?”

Hearing this, Evander froze with the shirt half way over his head. Uh-Oh, thought Evander. He had slowly begun to realize that his mother was planning something. Aeryn was a friend, nothing more, right? Why are girls so complicated? thought Evander. Maybe I should stay a Blacksmith, working with metal is easier. “Uh, yeah, she is a good friend,” replied Evander getting over the second shock of the day involving girls. Two for two, will this ever get easier?

“So, where are you going?” asked Alilove.

“We’re going to play down by the pond.”

“Oh, when will you be home?”

“In time for dinner.”

“I see, then let me pack you some lunch for you and your friends.”

“Thanks mom.”

By the time Evander was done changing and came out of his room his mother handed him a basket and kissed him on the forehead, “You have fun now, and don’t get into too much trouble.”

“I won’t,” said Evander as he headed out to join his friends.

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