Evander Smith, 3rd part

Evander climbed a tree whilst Rothus, Lilith and Aeryn skipped stones across the pond. Aeryn got a nice throw that made it to the other side, whilst Lilith’s sunk like, well, a rock. When Aeryn went to demonstrate how to throw them she threw one right between poor Ma`ud’s ears, almost hitting him. “I wonder if there are any bears here” asked Lilith, to which Evander began to look around to see if he could spot any, for they were a danger he did not want to encounter. Luckily he did not see any.

“No, I don’t see any,” said Evander. 

“That’s to bad, I really want to talk to one.” 

To which Evander just shook his head, Lilly is Lilly, who knows what goes on inside that head of hers.
“I heard Teek talk about goblins being deep in the woods, do you think it’s true?” said Lilith. 

Does she want to get us killed? thought Evander as he began to look for new threats, not that he knew what to look for. “I don’t see any,” said Evander. 

Rothus, getting tired of everyone paying attention to Lilith, rolled up his pants and waded into the pond. “Hey guys, watch this!” said Rothus as he stooped over and watched the water for a few seconds before striking quickly and coming up with a fish. 

“Wow, that’s neat,” said Lilith, “Anyone know how to cook a fish?” which prompted Evander to climb down to get a better look at what was going on.

Before Evander could get to Rothus to look at the fish, Ma`ud jumped up and stole it. Ma`ud ran of and quickly ate the fish. “Ma`ud, that was our fish,” said Lilith. Ma`ud looked at Lilith his tails standing still, then he walked over to the pond and looked in for a few moments, and then he leaped in. Fish and water went every where and Ma`ud dragged a fish as big as himself onto the shore. “Wow that’s a big fish,” said Lilith. 

“Mine was bigger,” said Rothus telling an obvious lie. 

“Let me see it,” said Lilith picking up the fish. “Eeeww, its slimy!” she exclaimed dropping the fish which flopped back into the pond. Ma`ud let out a growl of frustration before flicking his tails as he turned and walked off. 

“For some one who can talk to animals, you sure are squeamish” said Evander. 

Lilith puffed up her cheeks, “Fish aren’t very social, they won’t talk to me.” 

“What do you mean not very social, they live in schools,” said Aeryn. 

“No, that just makes them smart,” replied Evander who proceeded to try to speak fish, eliciting a laugh out of everyone.

“Hey, Rothus,” said Lilith moving closer to him. “Tag, your it!” said Lilith as she tapped him and ran off, prompting everyone to scatter. Evander climbed back up the tree, Rothus chased down Aeryn and tagged her. 

Ma`ud came sauntAeryng back expecting everyone to have missed him dearly and to pay attention to him, all he got was Aeryn walking up to him and going, “Hey Ma`ud, your it!” she said as she poked his nose. 

No one had seen Lilith which prompted Evander to say, “Hey Ma`ud, go tag Lilith.” 

Ma`ud raised his nose in the air and began sniffing, then he took off and a few moments later there was a loud “AIIIEEE”, signaling that Ma`ud had succeeded.

Evander look to the sky to see what time it was, the sun was beginning to head towards the horizon, signaling that it was time to head home. “Hey guys, it’s getting late, we had better head home.” 

The others looked to the sky, “Yeah, Mom will not be happy if I’m home after dark,” said Lilith. The Evander grabbed the empty basket and began to head back to town with everyone. They hadn’t been walking for ten minutes when they noticed a bright light and a very black smoke in a thick column rising from the village.

Before they could ask any questions a group of adults carrying buckets came running by one of them stopped to say, “There’s a fire, don’t just stand there lads, we need all the help we can get!” So the children did as they were told and began to help. All that is, except Rothus who slunk closer to get a better look. Evander being stronger then his friends helped pass full buckets to the town whilst Aeryn and Lilith helped pass empty buckets back to pond. Please, please, please don’t let it be the forge! thought Evander.

Some time later Rothus returned and saw Evander, “Evander, it’s the forge…” 

“No,” whispered Evander under his breath, he dropped the bucket and with out thinking got up and started running towards the village. Please be alright father, please, please, please…. Tears began to stream down his face as he ran and a feeling he had never felt before. It started off as a cold feeling in his gut, like he wanted to vomit and remove it from his body. Evander got to town and tried to reach the forge which was an inferno the likes of which he had never seen, the bucket brigade wasn’t even trying to put it out but just contain it.

“Father, Mother, Xyrhana!” yelled Evander searching for his family. He shouted, tears streaming down his face until he couldn’t yell anymore. Then he just wandered around looking without seeing, listening with out hearing, eventually he felt a small arm wrap around his and he just collapsed, the arm belonged to Lilith, not that Evander cared at this point in time.

Eventually Evander was lead to the healer’s hut where he saw his father lying badly burned on a cot, shallowly breathing, but unresponsive. Evander’s world stopped. The feeling in the pit of his stomach crystallized and spread to every fiber of his being. It was so cold it robbed him of his ability to think or feel or do anything except breath. There was just the bitter black cold, the antithesis of the raging inferno that had consumed the forge. Nothing but the darkness and the cold that was now inside of him.

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