Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The First

“Do you think a dragon started the bonfire?” asked Tyler. Just as he asked the question the group of Evander, Lilith, Rothus, Travis and Tyler caught a glimpse of Cruroar holding a torch. “Well maybe he can turn into a dragon cuz he’s the devil,” said Tyler.

“My father is not the devil,” replied Evander getting tired of saying the phrase. Why did Pa have to put that idea in Tyler’s head? he thought.

“And there are no such things as dragons anyway,” said Lilith also getting tired of correcting Tyler.

“Hey, where’s Aeryn?” asked Rothus.

“She’s probably hiding at Orvani’s, she doesn’t like fire,” said Lilith.

“Hey, you guys remember that magician I was talking about? The one with the dragon that had antlers and I petted it and then got sick?” said Tyler.

“Yes” came a collective reply from his friends except Lilith.

“There are no such things as dragons,” said Lilith once again.

“Are too, I petted it and it had antlers,” argued Tyler.

“Dragons don’t have antlers. Though, if it was a dragon it would have to be a pseudo-dragon, or a fairy dragon, they’re small,” said Lilith.

“Wait, so if pseudo-dragons and fairy dragons exist why not regular dragons?” asked Evander.

“Do you know how much a dragon would need to eat if it was the size of a big dog? A lot, so there is no way a big dragon could exist,” rebuked Lilith.

“Guys, I saw the magician with the dragon in town, how about we find him. Then I will prove that dragons exist,” said Tyler. So the group of friends scattered in search of the magician from Newport. After about ten minuets of searching and asking other people in town they met back at the bon fire. “Hey guys, you’ll never believe what I found out, the magician is staying at my parents inn,” said Tyler.

“Hey guys, the magician is staying at the Dragons Rest Inn” said Rothus undeterred that Tyler had said so first. The group then walk over to the Inn and enters the common room.

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