Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Third

“No way, every time we have tried to save someone from Mr. Dragos it has only made things worse,” says Evander remembering the last time they tried to save Tyler. After a while, Tyler emerges from the Inn dressed in an entertainers outfit and heads to a stage. There is already a crowd gathered around. Rothus is in the front row. When did he get over there? thought Evander, heading over to join his friend. Tyler is already on stage by the time Evander joins Rothus, however, he is in time to hear him start speaking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…” said Tyler in his showmanship voice before getting interrupted by Lilith.

Changeling!” she screams running to the stage with Travis at her heals. They jump up on stage and tackle Tyler to the ground.

“Guys what are you doing?” says Tyler panicking.

“You’re not Tyler you’re a changeling, now give us back our friend,” demands Lilith.

“Yeah, you can’t be Tyler, you’re dressed funny,” chimes in Travis.

“Dalton!” calls Rothus. Dalton is a few rows behind us and just facepalms.

Well, I guess he is not a changeling, thought Evander. I mean, Dalton and Ms. Graves would have already found him out right? With those thoughts Dalton and Evander walk up to the stage to help Tyler. Dalton easily gets Lilith off of Tyler; Evander has trouble with Travis who is putting up a big fight. In the end with Daltons help Evander removes Travis and they head back to there seats. As they leave the stage Rothus stands up and starts clapping, soon everyone is applauding the show.

Taking that as his cue, Eldon starts heading to the stage. Tyler, getting back into character introduces his father. “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. I would like to introduce the mayor of this great village, a master storyteller and my father. Eldon Dragos!” says Tyler backing off stage after saying his father’s name. Eldon calmly walks onto the stage with thunderous applause. Once the applause has died down he begins to speak.

“Tonight I will tell you a tale, a tale from when I was just a lad. The tale of the Great Wars,” says Eldon Dragos puffing out his chest. As he begins his tale Erin finally shows up and sits next to Evander and Rothus. Travis is some where and Lilith is sitting next to Dalton.

Throughout the performance the haunting melody of violins can be heard along with the thundering of drums. The show enthralls the entire crowd such that the audience hardly breaths, hanging on to every word. Well, all but one audience member. Lilith tries to help the performance with magic, and is only a minor distraction that is soon forgotten.

“And so, with one last swing of his sword, the brave knight Rickert defeated the skull knight before collapsing from his mortal wounds…” finished Eldon.

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