Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Fourth

After a few moments Rothus asked a very important question, “What about the humans? Do they live?”

What goes on in his head? unwisely thought Evander. “If all the humans died then you wouldn’t be human,” said Evander.

“Well, what if I’m the last of the humans?” said Rothus. Evander decided to leave it there, not wanting to get into a debate.

“Hey guys I’ll be right back,” said Tyler going over to his father. They exchanged a few words and Tyler came running back. “Ok guys, my dad said it was ok if we have a slumber in my room,” said Tyler.

“That sounds like a great idea,” said Rothus.

“I uhh, have to do dishes,” said Travis.

“And I have to help him,” said Lilith before they went over to the Taren Vale Tavern.

“I’m going to get permission, I’ll be right back,” said Evander.

“I have to go get permission as well,” said Aeryn. Evander and Aeryn head off to ask there parents. Evander finds Alilove and Cruroar sitting at the table in their house.

“Ma, Pa, Tyler invited me over to his place for a slumber party and I was wonder if it was ok for me to go,” said Evander hopping for a yes.

“Yes,” said Cruroar.

“Thanks Pa,” said Evander before escaping so that they didn’t have time to change there minds. Evander heads up to Tyler’s room and finds him and Rothus. A while latter Aeryn shows up, however, Lilith and Travis are nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, where are Lily and Travis?” asks Aeryn.

“Well, I think there being poopy heads and doing dishes at the tavern,” said Tyler. “Hey, Roe, you’re sneaky, see if you can sneak over there and get them,” suggested Tyler.

“Sure,” said Rothus. Evander, Aeryn and Tyler play games like King of Dice and Game Cube while waiting for Rothus to get back. Rothus returns without Lilith or Travis.

“Where’s Lilith and Travis?” Asks Aeryn.

“There down stairs talking to Mr. Dragos,” says Rothus.

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