Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Second

“Ok guys wait here. I’ll go ask Ma if she knows where the magician is staying,” says Tyler before heading off to talk to Mirian. The others wait in the common room for Tyler to get back. After a few moments Tyler comes back look a little depressed. “Ma says that he doesn’t want to be disturbed so I guess we will have to wait until he is out performing to talk… to…” Tyler stops before finishing his sentence.

On the stairwell, coming down from the second floor, Tyler sees the magician. “There he is guys. Now I’m going to prove dragons exist,” Tyler says cheerfully running over to the magician. His friends follow behind curious to learn the truth behind Tyler’s stories. “Hey mister, you’re that magician from Newport with the dragon and the making the fire come out of your hands right? If you could, would you please show your dragon to my friends because some of them don’t believe dragons exist,” said Tyler.

“What are you talking about? I have never been to Newport,” said the magician.

“But, you're wearing the same clothes and I saw you perform and you had a dragon…” says Tyler trying to deny these strangers words.

Well that confirms it. That was just another one of Tyler’s tales, thought Evander.

“See, I told you there were no such things as dragons,” said Lilith gloating slightly.

“Look, tell you what, how about I give you and your friends a show,” said the magician.

“Are you a mage?” Asked Lilith.

“No, I’m just a street performer,” said the magician. And with that the kids followed him outside. From under his sleeves he produced lengths of rope which he then lit on fire with one of the bonfires. He then proceeded to perform an intricate dance which left all the children speechless. For the finale he retracted the burning ropes into his sleeves, cupped his hands together which he brought to his face, and looking up into the sky blew a jet of fire.

The children applauded the amazing performance. “Do another one,” exclaimed the children wanting to see another performance.

“You’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I’ll have more shows then,” he says packing up his gear and returning to the Dragons Rest Inn. Inspired by the performance Tyler wants to show what he has learned of performing and heads to the Inn to find his father. Evander and the other wait outside the inn.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like he is getting a whoop in,” said Evander.

“What if his father gagged him this time,” said Travis.

“Then we will have to go save him,” said Lilith.

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