Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Last

The small band traveled for about 2 weeks to reach Newport. They stayed off the roads and without horses they had to rely on there own stamina. During this time Roran taught the basics of sword play, and reading and writing to Tyler and Evander. With Lilith’s help Tyler picked up reading right away. Roran had to bribe Evander with sparring lessons to get him to study reading and writing.

During this time Roran also told them what he thought their training would be. “Evander, I see the making of a fighter in you. With the right training that fight you saw Dalton in will be as nothing to you. Rothus, you will be able to move unseen and undetected, no one will be able to keep you out of or in anything. Travis, I sense the makings of an expert tracker with in you, no one will be able to escape with you following them,” said Roran.

“And what about me, all I can do is tell stories,” said Tyler.

“Yeah, so you can record our story, you just have to survive,” said Rothus.

“He, Bards are more than storytellers boy, they can sway the hearts of men, and there is magic in stories and songs, don’t let anyone else tell you other wise. Lilith, I can see your mother in you, I’m sure you will be a powerful witch. And Aeryn, I sense the touch of Erastil on you, I’m sure you will be able to channel the power of the divine,” concluded Roran.

The band spent two days in Newport getting supplies and booking passage across the great river. It took two days to cross the mighty river to the Shining City of Tentia. Tentia was farther than any of the kids had even heard of; they had finally left everything behind. Two days they traveled from Tentia into the thickest forest any of them had ever seen. In the forest Roran lead them to a clearing. In that clearing there was a gypsy camp that looked as though it had arrived two to three days prior.

“Here are the friends I told you about. They will train you and keep you safe till you are ready. Their elder is a powerful oracle who knows more of you destinies than I, and when it is time she will reveal them to you,” said Roran. “For now go, eat, sleep get new clothes, I have other business to take care of,” said Roran walking into the camp. Rothus was the first of the kids to enter the camp, then Evander and Travis. Lilith and Tyler stayed at the edge of camp.

The following day Evander was introduced to two men, Judeau and Pippin. They would be his teachers, and for the next two years forge him into a fighter, a master of martial weapons, and a terror on the battlefield.

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