Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Thirteenth

I do so like girls, I mean I’m friends with Aeryn, and Lily seems to have forgiven me right? thought Evander as he walked over to Tyler. “I do so like girls, I mean, I’m friends with Lily and Aeryn,” said Evander.

“Yeah, but you don’t ‘Like’ girls,” said Tyler.

“What do you mean like girls?” asked Evander.

“I’ll tell you when you’re older,” said Tyler. With that Evander left confused but once again joined the dance. Evander at least danced until the event was over. He was tired but happy by the end. After the dance it was time for Eldon to finish his story and everyone gathered around. Tyler once again introduced his father, the mayor, Eldon Dragos. Once he was finished he joined Travis in the back of the crowed while Evander, Rothus and Aeryn sat at the front. Lilith sat once again with Dalton. The performance was just as good as the other night and everyone was once again enthralled.

Everyone that is, except for Lilith. Who wandered around in search of the music which came from nowhere. As the story finished, and Eldon went to take a bow, Evander faintly heard screams. Just after that arrows began to fall like rain, and then the screams followed. Evander sat motionless in shock. How could this be happening? thought Evander.

Luckily his friends had reacted to the danger and pulled Evander down and pulled a chair over him. People died on either side of him and one arrow landed near his left foot. Not thinking clearly, Evander got up and ran to the forge. I have to find my dad, I won’t lose him again, thought Evander. Once in the forge he didn’t see his father, and for two impossibly long heart beats just stood there, wanting to curl up and just let whatever would happen, happen.

No, it cannot end like this, said a voice from somewhere inside Evander. The icy feeling which was become all too familiar was there, but Evander knew he could not give into the fear. Not knowing what else to do, Evander donned a sword and shield. Just as he did there was a scratching at the door. Evander opened the door and found Ma`ud growling and looking as fierce as his tiny frame would allow.

“Take me to Lily,” said Evander. Ma`ud took off towards the inn with Evander following right behind him. The inn was set up as a temporary shelter. Everyone was gathering there as the arrows continued to fall. Orvani and Brother Thomas were doing all they could to save as many souls as possible. Evander met up with his other friends, who were white with fear.

“There destinies are to important to end here,” said Dalton talking to Roran.

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