Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Twelfth

“Yeah, that would be cool,” said Travis.

“And if we tell people no one is home they won’t know we're here,” said Rothus.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, this place gives me the creeps.” says Aeryn.

“I’m with Aeryn, I don’t want to have anything to do with BJT,” said Evander.

“Oh come on. There gone, finders keepers,” said Lilith. “If we get supplies from town we could make this place cool, like chairs, firewood, pots and pans,” said Lilith.

“Yeah, and Evander could make some stuff,” said Tyler.

“I’m a smith, not a carpenter,” said Evander.

“But, remember when you were carving that stick, you’re dad had you carve like a hundred sticks and they were really good. Maybe you could use some of them to make stuff,” said Tyler.

“Yes, I will do that,” said Evander sarcastically.

“Hey Travis, do you think you could get some chairs from the tavern?” asked Lilith.

“Yeah,” said Travis.

“I don’t think I can bring anything,” said Aeryn.

“Sure you can, just grab some pots and pans,” said Lilith. “Ok, let’s go back and get some supplies.” And with that the friends headed back to town. They got back to town in time for the town dance, thoughts of there new club house vanishing, being replaced by Harvest Festival. The friends joined the dance, at first Aeryn and Rothus danced together, Lilith and Tyler did as well. Evander danced with some other girl, though he didn’t recognize her so she must have been one of the many visitors. Eventually Evander got to dance with Aeryn as well.

Evander was dancing and having fun until he heard, “Evander doesn’t like girls,” come from Tyler. His head snapped in that direction and he saw Lilith, Tyler and Dalton all talking. Unfortunately this distraction caused him to miss step and almost fall. Evander barely recovered and apologized to his dance partner before excusing himself to go talk with Tyler.

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