Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Eighth

 “Hey where’s Ma`ud?” asks Lilith.
“Yip, Yip,” they hear from outside. They look out Tyler’s window and see Ma`ud sitting in the street.

“There you are. Hey how are we going to get him up here?” asks Lilith.

“Hey lets use the rope,” suggests Travis.

“The rope is with the barrel glitter,” says Evander.

“Oh yeah, where is it?” asks Lilith.

“…It’s by the window, downstairs,” says Evander.

“I’ll go get it,” said Rothus taking off. After a few moments he returns. “The rope is covered in glitter, not stealthy at all,” he said as he returned with out the rope, or Ma`ud.

“Ok, I will go get him,” said Lilith.

“I’ll go with you,” said Tyler following Lilith out of the room. The rest of the night is spent playing games and telling stories. Rothus is the first to drift off to sleep, followed by Aeryn, then Evander.

Evander didn’t have dreams that night seeing as how he had not slept the night before. Well, he almost didn’t dream. I can’t breath, it’s so cold. How did I get under water? I can’t swim! Some one save me! are Evander's thoughts as he quickly sat up, cold water drenching his upper body shocking him awake. As his vision cleared he saw Lilith giving him a stare that could melt iron.

“Witches are known to curse people,” she said in a cool collected voice.

Is there some thing I’m missing? What did I do? Evander asked himself as Lilith angrily ran out the door. “What did I do?” asked Evander.

“Lily kissed you, trying to wake you up, but you just continued sleeping,” said Rothus.

What!” exclaimed Evander.

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