Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Fourteenth

 “Alright kids,” said Roran approaching us. “I promised Dalton I would get you out of here, we don’t have much time so take a few moments to say good bye but then we must leave,” he said.

The kids frantically looked for there families. Evander found his and went over. They tenderly embraced one another sensing this would be a long goodbye. “I’m going to borrow this sword and shield for a while dad. I’ll give it back when I see you again,” was all Evander could think to say before returning to Roran. His family said nothing; they just watched him go silently.

Roran quickly gathers up the children and they leave out the back. “I know a place where we will be safe for a while, just follow me and I will get you out of here in one piece,” said Roran. As the small band leaves they see Dalton in the center of town fighting a losing battle against orcs and goblins. Roran stops and salutes Dalton who, finding a pause in the battle, salutes back.

As Dalton lowers his hand it begins to glow red. He smashes it to the ground and a sphere of white hot fire erupts from it, destroying anything, and everything in its path. When it clears, the chared forms of orcs and goblins can be seen. Amazingly, Dalton is still standing. The orcs and goblins halt there charge after witnessing that tremendous power. However, Dalton collapses to the ground. An orc lets out a monstrous war cry rallying the others who once again continue the attack.

“We have to go back and help,” says Travis.

“How? Can you fight those things?” asks Evander angrily. Lilith freezes and Aeryn who was barely hanging on just collapses.

“If you want to die, then by all means go back and help. I promised Dalton I would see you to safety so at least I won’t let his sacrifice be in vain,” said Roran picking up Aeryn. “Evander, grab Lilith and lets keep going,” commands Roran. Evander complies, grabbing Lilith. Evander drags her for a few steps before she regains some composure and is able to walk on her own.

Roran forces the kids to move at a swift walk and after about an hour they reach the camp Roran had talked about. They were tired and take a few moments to catch there breath. Evander and Roran just stare in the direction of the village for a few moments. “Ok, you kids stay here, I’m going to get supplies and will be right back,” said Roran.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll protect you,” said Tyler.

“Evander, watch them while I’m gone,” said Roran. Evander just nods in response. While Roran is away Evander keeps half his attention on his friends, and the other half on keeping a look out for trouble.
I only thought those were stories, thought Evander. Why did it have to be us, why our village? continued the dark thoughts. Roran eventually returned about an hour later with supplies.

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