Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Tenth

“Ok, well if you see him, telling him we’re looking for him,” said Evander.

“Alright,” said Mrs. Neos as the three friends left the tavern.

“Ok, now let’s go check the pond,” said Aeryn. The other two agreed and they walked to the pond.

“Travis are you here?” “Hey, Travis where are you?” and a few other generic calls. Since their search turned up negative they returned to town, which was now just beginning to stir with activity. As they search town they see Tyler and Lilith with a strange man. He is carrying a sword like Dalton's only he has a sapphire instead of a ruby.

“Hey Lily, hey Tyler, whose your new friend?” asks Aeryn.

“Hello Lily,” Evander says quietly not wanting to draw too much attention to himself. “Hey Tyler,” says Evander warmly.

“This is Roran, a friend of Dalton’s we're taking him to the inn,” says Lilith.

“Yeah, and he knows my dad, and he knows about the great wars, and he knows Lily’s mom and her dad,” Tyler once again rambled about random facts.

“Why do you want to find Dalton?” Evander asks.

“I’m trying to get something un-important from him,” Roran cryptically responds.

The now five friends follow Roran to the inn, Tyler at the fore front of question asking. Once at the inn Roran hurries inside closing the door behind him, and leaving the children outside.

“Hey, where's Rothus?” asks Lilith.

“He’s right behind… us…” says Evander turning around and not seeing Rothus. “Great, now Rothus is missing like Travis,” concludes Evander.

“No he’s not, he’s right there,” says Tyler pointing at shadows that Rothus is hiding in.

Not getting the message left by Roran, Tyler hurries inside to introduce Roran to his father. Evander, Aeryn, Rothus and Lilith see Dalton wandering around town. Lilith runs over and says something to him. It must have been important because Dalton hurries over to the inn.

“This is going to be good,” says Rothus running over to a window to watch. Unfortunately, Roran and Dalton greet each other like brothers in arms and begin talking. “Well this is boring,” said Rothus. Tyler, once he realizes he is being ignored goes outside to join his friends.

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