Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Eleventh

 “I know, lets go find BJT,” said Lilith.

“No, every time we do that something bad happens. It’s like there cursed or something,” replied Aeryn.

“That’s because we start then stop, lets just go this time,” said Lilith.

“Yeah, maybe there dead,” said Rothus.

“And if there not, lets kill them till they die from it,” said Tyler. Just as he said that the group of friends noticed Travis exiting from the tavern.

“Travis, where have you been?” asked Rothus curiously.

“At home sleeping,” said Travis.

“Liar, we asked your mom and she said you weren’t in your bed,” said Aeryn.

“I don’t sleep in my bed, are you crazy?” said Travis.

“Not sleeping in a bed is crazy, is yours just for decoration?” asked Aeryn.

“Yup, I’m hungry,” said Travis going to the inn to get food. The others followed. It was getting towards noon and they hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast so they joined Travis and had an early lunch. As they were eating they told Travis of there plans to find out what happened to BJT by searching their house. As they were finishing their meals they heard beautiful, but strange music coming from an instrument that they had never heard before.

They decided to find the source of the music and they found Roran playing a Baliset. He was very good, however the children would not be deterred again from there mission. After satisfying their curiosity they left town and headed to BJT’s house. They found it. The house was more of a large single story shed then a house. “Careful, it might be booby trapped,” said Lilith.

“Don’t worry, I will check it out,” said Rothus slinking towards the house. After checking the door thoroughly, he went inside. Lilith and Aeryn head inside after a few minutes, and no screams, Evander and Travis follow. Inside there is dust everywhere. The house doesn’t look like it’s been lived in for months. There is one wooden chair that is starting to rot. Also in the house there is a bed frame with no mattress and a hearth. Everyone searches the inside of the house, except Evander who walks the perimeter, but find nothing.

“Hey, this place would make an awesome club house,” says Lilith.

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