Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Sixth

 “Gaaaah! Now they know where here,” complains Rothus.

“Umm, bears, I haven’t talked to bears yet,” says Lilith.

“No, its fish you have a hard time talking to,” says Evander.

“That’s it, I’m telling on you guys,” says Tyler storming off.

“See, that’s not Tyler, he would never ask his dad for help,” says Rothus.

“Great, now she knows the answer,” says Aeryn. “Ok, Travis, what happens when you eat licorice?” she asks.

“It makes you poop funny,” says Travis.

“Ok, you can come in,” says Aeryn. Evander lets Travis in.

“Don’t worry. That is Lily,” says Travis before Evander can close the door.

“Well, since you trust her, ok,” says Evander also letting in Lilith then closing the door.

“Hey, I have a great idea. Let’s leave the door open,” says Aeryn. Rothus and Evander look at her weird. “C’mon, it will be funny,” she says. Evander opens the door and the kids wait. After a while Mr. Dragos comes up the stairs and walks into Tyler’s room.

“Mind explaining why you wouldn’t let my son into his own room?” asks Eldon.

“Well, he said not to let anyone in who didn’t know the secret knock. But he didn’t teach us the secret knock before he left so we had to make up our own,” says Evander.

“Ok, I’ll go talk to him,” says Eldon heading back down stairs. Tyler comes upstairs and this time we let him in.

“Hey what was with that funny outfit you where wearing earlier?” asks Travis.

“It’s one of my performing outfits,” replies Tyler.

“I didn’t know that. You're supposed to be my bestest buddy and you didn’t tell me about it,” says Travis.

“Just how many outfits do you have?” asks Lilith.

“About seventeen. My parents got them for me from different towns,” replied Tyler.

“I only have one set of good clothes for Erastil day,” says Evander.

“I used to have a set for Erastil day, but then they became regular clothes,” said Rothus.

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