Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Nineth

 “Hey I’m hungry, let’s get some food,” suggested Aeryn.

“That sounds like a good idea,” said Rothus. The two of them headed towards the common room. Evander just sat motionless for a few seconds.

Lily kissed me?! I was kissed by a girl? Ewww? Maybe not… This is too complicated! Thought Evander before following his friends down to breakfast. Evander eats slowly trying to figure out what happened in the morning before he woke up. The sun was just beginning to rise outside indicating it was still really early in the morning. As they are eating, Lilith comes inside and walks over to the table where her friends are eating.

“Evander, I just want to tell you umm… I’m going… outside… go with Tyler,” she says the last part hurriedly before running back outside.

What was she talking about? Evander wondered.

“Hey, where is Travis?” asks Aeryn.

“I don’t know,” said Rothus.

“Maybe he is at the out house,” said Aeryn. After about an hour of eating and chatting there is still no sign of Travis.

“I’m going to go look for him,” said Rothus as he gets up and leaves. By the time he gets back Evander has finally finished eating. “We'll there is no sign of him,” said Rothus.

“Do you think he went to the pond?” asked Aeryn.

“Why would he go to the pond with out us?” asked Evander

“I don’t know, maybe to get away from here for a while,” said Aeryn.

“How about we check the tavern first, it’s closer,” suggested Evander.

“Ok,” said Rothus and Aeryn. So the three friends went across the road to the tavern.

“Hi Mrs. Neos, we were wondering if Travis was home,” said Aeryn.

“I thought he was with you?” said Mrs. Neos.

“We woke up and he wasn’t there, so we thought he would be here,” said Aeryn.

“Let me go check his room,” said Mrs. Neos heading to his room. “I’m sorry but he doesn’t seem to be home,” she said after checking his room.

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