Evander Smith-Death of Innocence, Birth of a Warrior Part The Seventh

 “You have more clothes than a girl,” said Lilith. She proceeded to go over to his closet and begin looking through his clothes. “Hey, lets dress up like entertainers and tell stories,” suggests Lilith as she starts to give a set of clothes to everyone except Evander. “Sorry Evander, I don’t think these clothes would fit you,” she apologizes.

“Hey Lily, stop throwing my clothes everywhere, it’s not nice,” complains Tyler, but not before there is a set of clothes sitting in front of everyone except Evander.

“Hey you know what would make these clothes even better,” said Evander getting a wicked smile. “Glitter!” Well since I’m still covered in the stuff so should everyone else, thought Evander.

“Great idea,” said Lilith pulling out Alilove’s bag that still had glitter in it. She grabs a hand full and throws it. She hits Rothus and the outfit in front of him.

“Great, I will never be stealthy again!” complained Rothus.

“Lily why did you do that? You ruined my outfit. You meany!” said Tyler shocked and picking up the now glittering outfit.

“Fine, I’ll clean it, but don’t tell my mom!” said Lilith. Saying some strange words and with a flick of her hand the glitter that was once on the outfit was lifted off and put back into the bag. “Now I will clean Rothus,” she said repeating the same action.

“Here you go Rothus,” said Aeryn. She said some mystical words then moved her hands. Only this time water appeared out of nowhere and fell on Rothus. “What? I thought you wanted a bath,” said Aeryn giggling. Everyone except Rothus laughed at this.

“Ok guys I’m going to tell a story, now don’t freak out. I’m just getting into character like daddy taught me,” said Tyler. “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages…” he said before Evander interrupted him.

“We're all kids here so you don’t have to say ladies and gentleman,” said Evander.

“Yeah but that’s how I always say it,” said Tyler breaking character.

“I heard Mr. Dragos say your supposed to change your story to your audience,” said Lilith.

“Ok, here I go again,” said Tyler getting into character. “Boys and girls, children of all ages…” Tyler then proceeded to tell a tale that lives up to his name. Tyler the Tale Teller.

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