Evander Smith-Recovery and Hope Part 2

As Evander is visiting his father a man wearing white leather armor with a white tabard over it walks in with Lilith at his heels. The man approached Cruroar. “I’m sorry my child but I’m going to have to ask you to stand back,” to which Evander complied and stood back with Lilith. “Erastil if it be thy will heal this man so that he may live and provide for this village and his family,” prayed Brother Thomas who then placed his hand on Cruroar’s forehead and lo he was healed. Evander moved to his father quickly and hugged him and cried telling him of his fears and the joy at seeing him healed.

Cruroar, confused asked “Boy what’s wrong with you?”

“Your well again, you were so badly hurt I didn’t know if you would wake up again” said Evander.

“Of course I’m fine, I’ve only out for a day,” said Cruroar.

“Father, you’ve been here for 3 weeks,” replied Evander.

“3 Weeks… don’t just stand there boy we have work to do rebuilding the forge.”

“Already started, I helped with the clean up and we have most of the forge built,” said Evander.

“Good then lets go finish,” said Cruroar sitting up. “Lilith, I was wrong about you girl,” says Cruroar once he notices Lilith standing in the room.

Cruraor leaves the healer’s hut with Evander following him and they meet Tyler in passing. “Mr. Smith you're up, I thought you was injured, how can you be up your supposed to be in bed hurt,” said Tyler.

“I’m the devil boy,” said Cruroar.

“AAHHHHH! He’s the devil,” screamed Tyler running away.

Once they get to the forge Evander says, “Stay her I’m going to go get ma and sis,” and takes of towards home. Alilove follows Evander to the forge however Xyrhana stays behind. Alilove follows Evander to the forge where she sees Cruroar alive and well and they go in side the half finished building to “talk.” While Evander is outside he hears Lilith calling him so he goes over to join her finding everyone else there as well.

“Evander come here, Teak told me about Goblins that live in the woods. We're going to go see them, want to come with?” asked Lilith.

“I wonder if Goblins have gold?” asked Travis.

“They sure do,” replied Rothus.

“I thought it was leprechauns that had pots of gold,” said Tyler.

“If we get their gold we will never have to work again and can buy all the candy we want,” said Rothus.

“Like you ever do work,” said Travis.

“Well if were going to go see them we should bring a sword in case they aren’t friendly,” said Lilith.

“Okay, I’ll go ask pa if I can borrow a sword,” said Evander running back to the forge. Evander returns to the forge to find his father there and that his mother has returned home to tell Xyrhana the good news. “Father I need to borrow a sword. Lilith was telling us about goblins in the forest and all my friends want to go see them but are afraid they may not be friendly so they were wondering if I could bring a sword,” rambled Evander.

“So, Lilith said there are goblins in the woods and you and your friends want to go see them and you want a sword for protection,” concluded Cruroar.

“Yes,” replied Evander.

“Okay, here you go,” said Cruroar handing Evander a short sword. Evander stares at the blade for a while trying to comprehend what just happened.

“Thanks dad!” exclaimed Evander running off to join his friends.

After 4 steps he hears, “Get back here boy!” from Cruroar. Evander sulks back to his father who promptly takes the sword from him. “You don’t really think I would give you a sword do you boy?” says Cruroar laughing. “Get back to work.”

“Yes sir,” says Evander sullenly knowing he is going to miss out on an adventure.

A few minutes of work later, “Really Cruraor, again with the devil!” says a mysterious voice loudly followed by a knock at the door. “Boy get your friends out of here,” says Cruroar.

Evander wanders over to the door and opens it with his head hung. “Sorry guys I can’t play I have to work,” said Evander.

“I’m not your friend boy,” says Dalton in response.

“Dad it’s for you,” says Evander walking back to work. Cruroar stops what he is doing and wipes his hands on his leather apron before going to the door. Evander begins to work but is interrupted by a question from Dalton.

“Hey Evander want to go on an adventure boy?” to which Evander gives a very short but enthusiastic response


“Cruroar he’s coming with me, and we’ll need weapons,” said Dalton, reffering to Rothus, Travis, Tyler, Aeryn and Lilith.

“Fine, get going,” replies Cruroar distributing weapons to the unlikely band. Aeryn and Lilith get quarter staffs, Tyler and Rothus get daggers, Evander and Travis get short swords. The merry band follows Dalton to the woods each one asking question and more often then not getting meet with stern silence. Once they enter the woods and get close to the camp, Dalton stops and so do the kids.

“Ok were close to the goblins so its time to go over the plan. Now I’m going to go in there and see how many of them there are, Lilith if you would come with me.”

“No, I don’t want to,” replied Lilith.

“Ok, Tyler your with me.”

“Ok Mr. Dalton sir,” said Tyler.

“I wonder if he is going to kill us one by one?” asked Rothus allowed.

“Ah, your not going to kill us are you Mr. Dalton sir?” asked Tyler trembling slightly.

“You don’t belive everything he says do you?” was Daltons response.

“But he knew about dragons and devils and…”

“Boy shut up and come with me,” said Dalton cutting off Tyler.

“Ok sir,” he said running past Dalton. Tyler gets caught by the collar by Dalton.

“Don’t run ahead of me boy,” says Dalton to the irresponsible youth. “Evander, your in charge while we check out the goblins, don’t move from here, all of you, get it?”

“Yes sir,” reply the kids in unison.

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