Evander Smith-Recovery and Hope Part 3

While Tyler and Dalton are gone Lilith talks at Evander who is distracted with trying (and failing) to keep track of Rothus and with the growing anticipation of what is to come. Eventually Tyler and Dalton return. “What did they look like?” asked Travis. 

“They look like boogers,” said Tyler. 

“Ew,” replied Lilith. 

“There boogoblins,” said Travis. 

“I wonder if there are other kinds of goblins,” asked Tyler. 

“No there’s just the ones, and there not boogoblins,” said Dalton. 

“Ok, here’s the plan, I’m going to go in there and scare them your way so be ready, and no matter what, don’t follow me you got that,” said Dalton. 

“Yes sir,” replied his charges arranging them selves in a U shape as Dalton disappeared in to the dense brush.

Not to long after the kids lost sight of Dalton they heard high pitched screams of surprise, then anger, then fear and pain. The kids heard a rustling coming from the brush in the direction of the goblins and out popped a goblin. Upon seeing the kids with weapons pointed at him, he dropped his sword and put his hands in the air. “What do we do now?” asked Lilith. “I mean we can’t kill it if it’s not armed, that just seems wrong,” she continued. 

“I know what to do,” said Tyler approaching it. When he got with in arms reach he reached out and poked it. “See I touched a goblin!” exclaimed Tyler. 

“Wow, that’s cool, I’m going to touch it,” said Travis. This time the goblin was ready an as Travis went to poke the goblin it tried to bite him.
Travis tried to stab the goblin with his short sword but missed. “He tried to bite me!” exclaimed Travis. 

“I have an idea,” said Tyler reaching down and picking up the goblins sword. “Ha! I got your sword what are you going to do now?” mocked Tyler. Just as he finished mocking the goblin his head leapt from his shoulders to the ground spraying blood from the neck propelled by the still beating heart.

The children stood there stunned and Lilith said “blood” softly before fainting causing Evander to sheath his sword and go to her concerned. 

“You can’t reason with goblins, all you can do is kill them, now lets head back.” 

“What about a trophy?” asked Tyler. 

“How about the head?” replied Travis. 

“Nobody is taking the head,” said Dalton. 

“How about an arm?” asked Travis. 

“No one is mutilating this goblin corpse now lets go,” said Dalton. 

“Hey the goblins had weapons how about there swords?” chimed in Rothus. 

“No” said Dalton but the three boys ran off to the camp and returned shortly. Dalton just shook his head and started walking back to the village. 

“You alright Lilly?” asked Evander concerned for his friend. He helps Lilith to her feet who leans on him heavily for support. 

“I don’t think I can make it back to town, do you think you can carry me Evan?” asks Lilith. Not wanting to turn down a friend in need Evander agrees to her request.
Once back in town Evander collects the weapons before going home. “Evan, do you think I could borrow this to walk home?” 

“Sure,” replies Evander knowing that he is going to have to make it up to his dad some how. Evander returns home from his very first adventure, to a full house once again.

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