Evander Smith-Recovery and Hope Part 1

Recovery and Hope

It had been 3 weeks since that terrible day and the cruel world continue to turn. As much as Evander wished to remain by his father’s side, there was a job to do. The ashes of the old forge had to be swept away and a new one needed to be built. Evander spent a week by his father’s bed side before his mother and the rest of the village forced him back to work. Numb from the events that had happened Evander did as he was told and didn’t do much other than work, eat, checkup on his father and sleep.

This day started like any other, Evander woke up, ate and then went to see his father before going to work on the forge. Evander made his way to the forge and began working, after he had been working for a while Rothus shows up to lend a hand, the only friend who Evander sees regularly as the others seem to have disappeared. Rothus talks at Evander trying to cheer him up, however the pain of the fire refuses to leave and so Evander just keeps working silently. Evander has turned out the world so much that he doesn’t notice the approach of Tyler Dragos and Travis Neos. Rothus goes over to them and they begin talking, Tyler begins to talk about his trip to New Port with his parents and how he got to touch a Dragon.

Eventually Lilith shows up to the forge with Ma`ud gathering all the friends in one place. “Hey Evander, how’s your dad?” asked Lilith. 

“Better,” was Evander’s only response. Tyler’s ranting eventually revealed that he had brought back rock candy for everyone and gave everyone a piece. Evander really wasn’t interested in the candy, and to see if it really was as hard as a rock, used his hammer to smash it, which turned it into a fine powder and was supposed to release some of Evander’s feeling of powerlessness, which it did not.

Tyler continues to tell every one of his adventures, Rothus goes along with whatever Tyler says, Travis asks questions and Lilith debates the validity of what Tyler says. The only thing that eventually brings Evander out of his stupor is the fact that Lilith moves close to him and uses him as a shield. Evander looks around for the cause and sees old man Dalton. Rumor has it that Dalton invited Lilith to his house and tried to “touch her” (whatever that means) but Tyler starts to talk about it and convinces Travis to help him. Both boys run up to Dalton and kick him in the knees and then walk back. Dalton doesn’t seem to care and walks closer to the forge.

“How's your father?” asks Dalton. 

“Getting better but still not conscious,” says Evander before turning back to his work trying to hold in the pain and not let the others see. Dalton nods and walks off going to the healers hut. The others talk about going fishing and needing a knife because of last times fiasco. However, Evander just keeps staring at the work until he tries to hit a nail with all his might and misses hitting the wood instead. 

“Evander are you alright?” asks Lilith.  

Of course I’m not alright, my dad is still in the healers hut! thinks Evander but does not respond to Lilith’s question. 

“Fine, be that way,” says Lilith sullenly. 

“Hey where’s Travis?” asked Lilith. At some point in time he had left to get a knife and Evander just noticed he was missing. 

CRACK! The sound of a leather belt is heard followed by “WHAAAAA! Daddy please don’t whup me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really really sorRRRRRYEEIIIIIIIIIII!” screams Travis from his house loud enough for all of us to hear. 

“You don’t think his parents are going to kill him do you?” asks Travis, 

“I don’t know I think we should go check on him” says Lilith. They try to get Evander to go with however he is to numb to do anything but work and worry over his father, so they leave with out him to check on Travis. The day marches on and Evander keeps working.

A while later a random scream permeates the village, since some one could be in trouble Evander decides to investigate. After the screams Evander started to hear yelling eventually leading him to the Dragos’ house where he found his mother and Mrs. Dragos yelling about Lilith, Mother for, Dragos against. Go mom! thought Evander before he noticed Lilith standing there looking angry and scared. On the ground both Travis and Rothus were lying there, Rothus appeared unresponsive and Travis was moaning in pain.

Since the two adults were arguing over Lilith, Evander decided that removing her from this location was the best course of action so he took her hand and began to lead her back to his house. Before he got half way there Lilith tugged on his arm causing him to turn toward her and stop walking as she buried her face in his chest and began to cry and ramble about how it wasn’t her fault, she doesn’t know why everyone hates her and she should just stop coming to the village. Evander tentatively put his hands around her I don’t hate you, Rothus, Travis, and Tyler don’t hate you, thought Evander, however her grief reminded him of his own and just stood there speechless not knowing what to do and trying to keep up the brave facade.

After Lilith calmed down, Evander took her back to his house where he made her some tea but didn’t talk much until his mother returned and took over playing host to Lilith. Eventually she calmed down enough and decided it was time to go home. Sleep did not come easily to Evander as his mind continued to wander down dark roads. Nightmares haunted his dreams with that dark night being replayed over and over again. The cruel world continued to turn and Evander woke up and went to get breakfast. After finishing his meal Evander went to visit his father.

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