Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 3

Brother Thomus, Springing Tyler

It was many weeks after I found Ma`ud badly beaten in the woods and the forge fire before I returned to town. I only went because Ma`ud insisted, and I had a few poultices to drop off for Mister Grady that mother had made. It really annoyed me that Mister Grady never told anyone where the poultices came from seeing that we pretty much supplied the entire village with them. He just sold them to the villagers, took his cut of the profits, and paid the remainder to me to take back to mother.

As I crossed the Braumson's farm, I noticed a man I had never seen walking toward the village wearing a tabard of Erastil. He was young (probably no more than twenty autumns) and well kept with his stark white tabard, and the symbol of his deity boldly emblazoned upon his chest. He was cute I admit, but he was a follower of Erastil- the same deity that Sister Daily worshipped, and she really didn't like me (ever since the day Aerynthia and I were caught without our clothes in the clearing). I still owe BJT big time for that. What a bunch of pervs!

Curiosity got the better of me eventually, and after smoothing the wrinkles in my dress and letting my hair down, I approached the strange man and introduced myself as Lily. He looked about as if trying to find out where I came from. His eyes fell on the Braumson’s farm off in the distance and he must have assumed that was where I came from.

He introduced himself as Brother Thomas and told me he had been sent for at the request of Orvani. I was surprised and asked him if he meant to say Sister Daily.
His brow furrowed as he said “You mean she is here too?”
I giggled “I take it you two know each other?”
He let out a large sigh “Unfortunately.”
“Yeh, she doesn’t care for me either” I giggled. "Come, let me show you to Orvani’s place".

After I showed Brother Thomas to the healers hut, I heard Tyler’s boisterous voice across the street at what was left of the Smith’s forge. Travis was there too and of course Rothus. Shoveling through soot I saw Evander. He was sweaty and smelly. He had his shirt off, and was rebuilding the forge. I don’t mind it when he takes his shirt off. He’s very handsome.

Tyler’s dad was the town mayor, and they often took trips to other cities. Tyler always had such amazing tales to tell of his journeys! Among his friends we called him Tyler the Teller or Tyler the Traveler. Tyler’s dad, Mayor Eldon Dragos told me never to hang out with his son because I was a bad influence on him, but it was Tyler that once tried to kiss me at the Harvest Festival last year! Misses Nelson caught him, and accused me of hexing him even though I didn’t do anything!

Tyler was telling Travis, Rothus, and Evander about petting a real life dragon in Newport. I told him there were no such things as dragons. He told me that it was small and gold, with antlers. I told him that dragons didn’t have antlers but he insisted that a real magician had the dragon, and the magician could call fire to his fingertips. I laughed and told him calling fire from your fingers was no big deal, even I could do that. He said I was a liar so created fire from my own fingertips to prove it when no one but Tyler and Rothus were looking. Rothus was amazed. He told me he knew I could. Tyler said that it was the devil’s magic, and that the man with the dragon was my father, and that he was a devil. I almost threw the fire at him because he said my father was the devil, but he must have seen me getting angry because he gave me some rock candy instead.

Later we went to the lake to hang out, but Tyler said he was getting a knife first, so we could gut fish. I don’t know what happened to him, but a while later Rothus came back and said that Tyler was getting a whoopin, so we decided to see if Aeryn could convince his mom and dad to let him come play. That didn’t go well, because even Aeryn couldn't convince Mister Dragos to let him out, so I told Travis and Rothus they should climb up to his room and help him sneak out.
When Travis asked "why me", I told them I would have myself but I was wearing a dress, and girls in dresses weren't supposed to climb on things or else boys would look up their skirts. Travis said he wouldn't look, but Rothus didn't say anything. He just smiled at me.

The two climbed up but that didn’t go well either because Rothus fell off the upper story when the flower box broke. He fell so hard he wasn’t moving, so I ran to him and shouted for Aeryn to help. Mayor Dragos must have heard the noise because he came running out the back door so fast and he was so mad at ME? Travis fell off the wall too when Mayor Dragos started yelling, but he just got hurt. Mayor Dragos got really mad at me then. I tried to tell him I didn't do anything but he kept shouting at me and said some pretty terrible things about my mother and someone's half-demon heritage. Even as the two were brought to see Orvani, he kept yelling and yelling. I wanted to tell him he was wrong about me. Wanted to stick up for myself, but he threatened me with his belt I was too upset to follow them. Instead I ran to the woods crying. I hate Mayor Dragos! I wish he would just die.

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