Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 4

Dalton and the war, Mister Smith awakens!

Mister Dalton met me about a quarter of the way down the game trail leading to mother’s house. It was getting dark, and I was still upset. Ma`ud’s ears were down too, and his two tails. Mister Dalton asked me what was the matter, and I told him what happened in town. He told me he would take me to his place for the night, and I was pretty tired, so I agreed to go with him.

The warm fire and a hot mug of cider brought my spirits up a bit. I had been to his house the night of the forge fire, and had asked him some questions then, but he didn’t feel like talking. Tonight he was in much more talkative mood and showed me the swords above the fireplace. They were sturdy, but seemed much lighter then I imagined a sword should feel. He told me my father had used the blades, and that someday maybe I would too. They were elegantly made. I could tell by the gilding on them that they were of elven design. It wasn’t like I was an expert, but it looked like the same craftsmanship as my choker and the cloak clasp that father left for me. Elven items were a work of art, whereas most human items were practically made but entirely bland in appearance. These were defiantly not bland.

He told me a little about father, and that father was a good man. They fought many battles together and had may victories in their campaign. I wanted to listen, ask him so many more questions, but my eyes got heavy and I woke up in his bed with Ma`ud curled up next to me. Mister Dalton had been long gone by the time I woke, but he left me with some porridge and a change of clothes. How did he know my size anyway?

After getting dressed and having breakfast, Ma`ud and I went to find Evander. He had just finished his morning chores, and when I asked him about his father, he said he was going to visit him. And to my pleasant surprise, he wanted to know if I would join him. I felt myself blush as he asked me, so I agreed. Evander actually asked me to go with him!

Rothus and Tyler had apparently spent the night at Orvani’s and Brother Thomas must have done his job because Tyler was completely better and Rothus only had bruises! As I was telling them about what I did with Mister Dalton the previous night, I heard Orvani call Evander over, and Evander seemed happy!

As he ran into his father’s room, I heard him shout “Dad! You’re awake!”

The rest of us rushed in to see that Mister Smith was indeed awake and dressed like he was ready for work. He started talking to the rest of the children. They seemed really excited, and I was really happy for Evander. I was glad his father was awake. He was lucky to have a father. I was backing out of the room because I didn’t want to be where I wasn’t welcome when Mister Smith looked right at me. I quickly started to close the door when I heard Mister Smith call my name.

“Lily, let me see you!” He shouted. I paused outside the door and put my back against the wall. “Lilith Graves, get in here now!”

I swallowed hard and opened the door. Shuffling in I stood rigid next to his bed. “Y.. yes Mister Smith?” I stuttered, not quite sure what I did wrong.

His big meaty hands closed around my waist and he lifted me onto the bed where he… hugged me. “Ha, ha! Good to see you girl, so glad you’ve helping my boy with the forge while I was out!” He guffawed.

I was still tense. Not quite sure what to make of all of this, I hesitantly patted him on the back in a half-hearted hug. It felt kind of weird seeing how most of the time I was around Mister Smith usually reminded me that I wasn’t welcome around his son (even though he never did anything to actively prevent it). Dismissing it as him being delusional after so many weeks of bed rest I smiled weakly and told him he was welcome.

Eventually he put me down, and got up. “Time to get back to work, been sleeping in too long! Evander, show me what you have done to my forge!” With that he thanked Orvani and headed out as if nothing happened.

Tyler was with us when Evander left. He was talking about goblins and how goblins had gold. I told him that I heard goblins had a pot of gold and that if you found their camp you could make them give it to you. He said it was leprechauns that did that not goblins and you have to find the end of their rainbow to get gold. I told Tyler that leprechauns, are faye, and have no use for gold. And those goblins are more likely to spend it going to their goblin town. But what does he know anyway, he lives in the village.

Rothus mentioned that if we looked for goblins, we could find out. Tyler just wanted to touch one. That reminded me that Teak had seen some near the edge of Tanenvale last time I talked to him. Tyler didn’t know who Teak was so I told him that she was a big black wolf I talked to who lived in the woods. He said I was a liar and that a black wolf would have eaten me by now. I told him that they don’t like the taste of humans, and besides, she was my friend and we talked together all the time. Travis just shook his head. He said no one can talk to animals, not even me. I asked him why I could talk to Ma`ud. Tyler just said I was being a weirdo and it was all in my head because he never heard Ma`ud say anything but woof woof.

Tyler still wanted to pet a goblin so he went inside the inn to get a knife just in case one tried to bite him. Rothus, Aeryn, Travis and I waited outside while he got it, but his mother must have caught him in the kitchen, because she started yelling at him. Upstairs I heard Mayor Dragos yelling about ‘comin’ down and givin’ him another whoopin’.

I was afraid if he caught me there, I would get one too so I started to leave. Last time Mayor Dragos yelled at me, he threatened to take the belt to me even though I wasn’t even his own daughter. I would be afraid though if Mayor Dragos started whoopin' me he wouldn’t stop until I couldn’t scream anymore. I heard from Billy, Jimmy, and Timmy that a kid in Denton got whooped to death for tattling on them once. I wonder if that’s what happened to BJT? They were bad kids for burning down the smithy, and though no one in the village besides me cared about it, beating on Ma`ud so bad. Maybe they did. A part of me hoped they didn’t, but another part (a bigger part) kina wished it did. Misses Dragos covered for us and hit a post in the kitchen a few times. Tyler pretend-screamed a bit and we left to get Evander.

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