Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 5

Petting Goblins, playing fetch

Mister Dalton must have overheard what we were saying because he showed up and told us if we were going after goblins we had to get weapons. We didn’t know where to get them and he told us to get to Mister Smith’s forge. He followed us there and told Mister Smith we were going to clear goblins and that we needed some weapons. He also told Mister Smith that Evander was going with. Mister Smith supplied us with some daggers and even a short sword! I wanted the dagger, but I didn’t know how to use it so he gave me a quarterstaff that Evander carved just for me!

It seemed like we walked forever before Mister Dalton stopped and told us to crouch down. He shushed us and told me to come along, but I was kind of scared so I told Tyler to go with and that I would stay with Evander. Evander said he would protect me from any evil goblins. I wanted him to hold me and protect me, but with all the other boys there, and Aeryn, I just brushed up alongside him and held onto my staff.

At one point he put an arm around me to move me closer to the group. His touch was so gentle, his arms so strong, I just wanted him to run his fingers through my hair but Tyler had to ruin the moment by showing up again and telling us to get ready. Rothus started asking a million questions about what was going on and Mister Dalton told us he was going to wash the goblins off, or flush them or something.

After he left us, we heard the sound of combat ahead. Suddenly a small green-skinned humanoid charged right at us. I hid behind Evander and screamed while Tyler and Travis took swings. They both missed and the ugly little beast dropped his dogslicer as if surrendering. No one moved for like 5 minutes, and I asked Evander if it was ok to kill an unarmed creature. He looked to Aeryn, and then to Tyler.

I spoke first. “Tyler, your dad has negotiated surrenders right? What should we do? Tie him up or something?”

Tyler just shrugged and the goblin said something. I was able to understand him even though he didn’t speak common. He seemed confused and he asked me "what is going on?" I was about to say something when Tyler reached out and poked the thing with his finger. The beast took exception to the prodding and threatened to bite Tyler’s finger off when a familiar sword of elegant elven design appeared from nowhere and sliced the things head clean off.

There was blood everywhere, and I screamed again as it sprayed everyone but me in the thick liquid goo. As the head fell to the ground, it rolled toward me, coming to a rest inches from my leather boots, it’s nasty, bulging eyes rolled back in its head as it came to rest perfectly on its bloody stump. I felt my stomach twist as it stared up at me with its mouth agape and things went all spinny in my head.

The next thing I remember, I was laying on my back, Evander was holding me in his strong, warm arms. He asked me if I was ok, and in a dreamy voice I told him I was now. Was I in heaven? Next face I saw was Rothus’s and then Mister Dalton’s. On top of that, something unpleasant was poking me in the back and I knew if we had all died, then the afterworld seemed very much like a pasture full of prickly thistle plants.

Mister Dalton helped me to my feet and Rothus kept asking questions. "What happened? Were you stabbed? Could I see your stab wound?" I told him I tripped and fell, nothing more. He gave me a disappointed look, but then seemed relieved that I was okay.

The walk back to Tarenvale was pretty quiet. Evander carried me most of the way. I put my head on his strong chest and felt his breathing. It was so romantic except that Rothus kept poking me and asking if I was sure I didn’t get stabbed, not even a little. He said he heard that soldiers in shock could keep fighting until they just fell over, never knowing they were mortally wounded. Sighing I told him in my most monotone voice “Cheery thoughts Roth. Leave me alone before I mortally wound you.” Evander just kept walking. He is such a gentleman.

It was almost dark when we got back to town, and I knew I had to get going. Dalton collected all the loaned blades and gave them to Evander. He wanted to collect my quarterstaff too, but I told him I twisted my leg a bit and could use the extra support for the walk home. Honestly, I am not sure why I fibbed like that, but I wanted a staff. It was Diamond Willow, and a beautiful carving of it. It has many beautiful knots of the darkest hue, but the most important thing about it was that it was carved by Evander.

Sighing, he agreed to let me have it, saying something like “Dad will make me carve a new one, but I guess.” I thanked him and gave him a little peck on the cheek as I started for home. Aeryn gave me a dirty look as she went to Orvani’s.

Ma`ud showed up halfway home and I asked him where he had been.

Ma`ud wagged his two-tails. “Let’s play fetch!”

“With what? I asked. “It’s so dark you will never find a stick in the woods if I throw it.”

“Well we have this!” He yipped as he picked up a large round furry… goblin head.

“Ewe Ma`ud get rid of that! We are not playing fetch with a goblin head.” I groaned.

“Let’s play! Just one throw!”

“No, it’s a goblin head.”


“NO!” I snapped.

He started to whimper. I hate when he wines. “Fine just one throw and then you leave it.”
As I kicked it, some of the blood splattered me in the face. Gross… old goblin blood.

The kitstune ran after it. He was almost to it when a large black wolf leapt out of the tangle wood and snapped it up whole. Ma`ud yipped with surprise as Teak disappeared into the woods again with a snicker.

Ma`ud’s ears and tail dropped in disappointment.

“Serves you right for playing fetch with a goblin head.” I muttered as the blood rolled off my dress. “Mother is going to be very unhappy with me when I get home. I have been gone two days and have blood on my dress.”

Ma`ud looked up to me. “Especially when she finds out you helped kill the goblin prince. I bet the goblin king is going to be really mad.”

“The what!?” I gasped in surprise as Ma`ud took off down the game trail.“Ma`ud! Get back here! What do you mean goblin king? Besides, I didn't do anything! Mister Dalton did. Ma`ud? MA`UD!"

With that, he dissapeared into the underbrush, leaving me to my thoughts , though the only one going through my head all the was home was the one that debated whether or not mother was going to give me a whoopin' comparable to the ine Tyler recieved when I got home.

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