Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 6

The Harvest Festival, kissing Evander, End of Innocence

It has been too long since I wrote in my journal. Much has happened since the mad flight in the middle of the night, orcs, and goblins hot on or heels as the tree branches of the Dark Wood clawed and raked at us, threatening to pluck out our eyes, and leave us for dead.

Everything is kind of a blur when I think back on it. I should have seen it coming after we discovered changelings at the inn. I will never forget how angry Tyler was, how set he was on killing his own parents.

But I suppose we all have a breaking point. Tyler's was getting whooped for no other reason than twisted pleasure the changelings got from beating on a young boy.

When Mister and Misses Dragos were finally found, they were tied up in a closet up at the inn. I was relieved to hear that they were the real Dragos- seeing that Mister Dalton slayed the changelings. But I will never forget the anger in Tylers eyes. He seemed so feral. It was as if I was looking into Teek's eyes. Animalistic, unrestrained- if glares could kill, I do believe Tyler would be the ser of stares.

I remember getting angry myself, and throwing a small ball of fire at Tyler when he once again accused my father of being the devil after the changelings were rooted out. I remember running outside and crying when my mother came to get me. I remember how she held me, the love she had for me, and the gentle words she spoke to calm me in front of the inn. How I miss her.

But the part I remember most of all was the last Harvest Fest I was ever a part of. I was 13, and our world came crumbling down around us. It was the worst thing a child could ever experience. It was the death of a village called Tarenvale. The only place I have ever been able to call my home.

The night before the attack was one I remember well. We had spent the evening at Tylers place. We were having a sleepover the first night of Harvest Fest, and we were up in Tylers room after the amazing story his father (the real) Mister Dragos was spinning. We played with some of Tyler’s silly clothes. I remember teasing him about having more clothes then a girl, and getting glitter all over his nice dress. I knew a few tricks of magic and used a simple prestidigitation spell to clean the glitter off and put it back in my bag of glitter that I had purchased a day previous. I knew my mother would be furious about me spending all 18 of her silvers, but the temptation to buy a barrel of it was too great for a 13 year old. Shame on me for buying it, but shame on Mister Grady for talking me out of my last silver as well!

Evander was a nice lad and carried the barrel for me all over the place. Eventually it ended outside the inn, and I would periodically come back to fill the large handbag Misses Smith had provided me with. A handbag I still have today- though for the life of me I can never get the glitter to stop coming out even now as I write this.

The first night of the Harvest Festival started with the lighting of the bonfire in the center of town. There were many entertainers there and many more locals that had come from surrounding villages to watch the festivities.

Tyler opened up the show wearing one of his gaudy entertainer’s outfits. He changed his voice to sound like a real pro, and I was SURE he was a changeling. I tackled him with Travis’s help, and the two of us brought him down. Tyler protested as Mister Dalton pulled us off of him, and someplace in the audience, people started clapping and Mister Dragos came out to tell his tale. Eerie music played from seemingly thin air, and I was curious as to what magic he used to make it happen. I remember wandering around the stage not sure what to make of it. With the first part of his tale told, Mister Dragos left the stage, his exit punctuated by pyrotechnics. We heard rumors there would be fireworks, and indeed there was!

Tyler invited all of the kids over for a sleepover at his place. At first Travis and I were concerned to go anyplace near the inn as I knew that Mister Dragos didn’t much care for my kind hanging around with his boy, so we went to wash dishes at the tavern. We played games up in Tylers room, and eventually went to sleep. I was one of the last asleep, and the first to get up.

Evander slept in late that morning and Travis disappeared in the middle of the night. We later found out he simply went home. Breakfast was getting cold, and Evan kept on sleeping, so I went up to Tylers room and tried to rouse him. I tried shaking him, and calling out to him, but he slept on, I kicked his cot and even jumped on him, but he was out cold. Finally, some of my fairy-tales started swimming in my head, and I wondered if my sleeping prince could be roused from his rest with a kiss from his beautiful princess (me).
I kissed him full on the lips and he just laid there! I was angry, I remember, and I threw cold water on him before storming out of the room. I really like Evander and he was SO clueless to how much I did.

Evander eventually came downstairs and joined us for breakfast, and asked me why I was so mad. I just crossed my arms, got up and told him I was going outside. I was going to “go” with Tyler. I really did like Evander far better than Tyler, but Evan never seemed to notice and that frustrated me. I gussied myself up for him, wore my best dresses around him, tried to always talk to him, and even spared him a kiss. Sometimes Evander can be SO daft!

Tyler and I were outside the inn talking and hanging out alone when Mister Roran walked into town for the first time. He seemed a bit rough around the edges, but he was young and handsome. I remember blushing when his eyes fell upon me. What struck me right away was the sword across his back. I looked almost identical to the one Dalton wielded but it had an sapphire on the pommel instead of a ruby. I knew right away who he was here for.

I introduced myself and Tyler too him, and asked if he was looking for Mister Dalton. He seemed slightly taken back by this, but indicated that he was indeed here to see Dalton. We showed him to the inn, and then rounded up the rest of the gang. I was bound and determined to find out what happened to BJT, and nothing was going to dissuade me from my path this day.

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