Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 7

BJT's house, The Attack

We make the Journey to Billy, Jimmy, and Timmy’s house in silence. It’s almost noon before we arrive at their house, but it looks quiet… too quiet.

I suggest that BJT might have left booby traps before they disappeared and that we should look for them cautiously. Rothus thinks that is a good idea, and sneaks around the entrance while Evander patrols the perimeter. When we get the all clear from Rothus (after many tense moments of waiting for him to scream in pain), we push open the door to the small hovel.

“BJT Lived HERE?” I asked.

The place was in shambles. Old broken furniture was scattered about, and a thin layer of dust coated everything. The place looked like it hadn’t been lived in since BJT disappeared many months ago.

Still, we overturned a few pieces of furniture and I suggested that we make it into a clubhouse!

Aerynthia and Evander weren’t too excited about the idea, but I could be quite the manipulator when I wanted to be.

“Oh come on! Finders Keepers! They are long gone you bunch of scaredy cats,” I chided. “We can get some stuff from town, fix this place up, and make it our hang out spot! It will be so cool!”

Heads bobbed in agreement. Rothus seemed most excited about it. I think it gave him a place to hide when he skipped out on chores, so he was definitely in.

We talked about what to bring tomorrow to fix the place up and started to head for town as darkness descended upon the village. When we got back to the center of town, the bonfire was being lit, and people were starting to celebrate the second night of harvest festival.

The night was beautiful. Good food, good music, and good company. I spent a large part of the evening dancing with Tyler (after he was done introducing his father), and didn’t even tackle him for being a changeling this time! At one point I tried to convince Dalton to dance with me, and he wouldn’t have anything to do with dancing.

“Surely a warrior of your skill isn’t afraid to dance with a young lady, are you?” I asked.

“I don’t do dancing,” Was his only reply.

I remember sneaking a few pints of ale when Mister Neos wasn’t looking and was thinking about how beautiful and clear the skies over Tarenvale were. Mayor Dragos was just finishing his story when the attack happened. There was great applause as his rousing tale of the Great War ended and the fireworks at the base of the stage streamed into the sky.

I stood up as well as many others for a standing ovation when Misses Nelson screamed. More people started to scream around me and fall dead. I stopped clapping and looked to the fallen villagers when an arrow lodged itself in the bench just behind me, catching the folds of my silken dress. Had I not stood to clap, I am sure the arrow would have pierced my heart. Looking to the sky, I assumed that someone like BJT had rigged the fireworks with arrows or bolts or something as a part of some sick, twisted joke, but BJT weren’t around anymore. That had been confirmed mere hours ago. What was going on? An attack? In Tarenvale? Why? My mind reeled from what was happening when I heard the first guttural growl from behind me.

Everything happened so fast after that. People ran, screaming from the center of town. I pulled the arrow out of my dress and ran toward the stage as green-skinned humanoids rushed the village square.

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