Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 8

Mad Flight, Ma`ud to the rescue

Utter chaos consumed the village as the goblins and orcs swarmed the camp. Arrows continued to rain down on innocent people, goblin worgs (wolves) charged from the treeline, and tore out throats, and I hid behind the stage. It probably wasn't the best place to be, but it was better than in the middle of the village square.

Just as I was getting my wits about me, a smaller worg found my hiding place, and all I could think of was that my beautiful dress was torn. As the creature closed to me, I readied my only offensive spell. It probably wouldn’t kill it, but it just might slow it down enough. To my relief, when it got in range of my glowing hand I saw it was Ma`ud, my kitsune’ animal familiar!

“Ma`ud, thank the spirits!” I exclaimed.

“Come with me Lilith, I will take you to safety!” He barked.

Staggering out from my hiding place, I scrabbled after him, arrows falling all around me. I yelped in pain as one grazed my neck, but it wasn’t bad. Hot on my heels was one of the worgs. He took some meat off my ankle. As he grabbed at the frills of my dress it shredded the hem. Large portions of the delicate fabric fell away as I sprinted in the direction Ma`ud was leading me.

“Run Lily! RUN!” he barked.

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. Tossing my spark spell at the wiry worg, I heard him yelp as I rushed through an open threshold.
Ma`ud had lead me to the safety of the inn where one of the villagers yanked me inside. Three seconds later, Ma`ud took off again. He told me not to follow him and disappeared into the darkness as a villager banged shut the heavy wooden door. I heard another yelp from the worg and a solid thud as the mangy black beast slammed into the door, causing it to shake. Looking out the window I saw more villagers running for their life in all directions. As I sank against the doorframe it dawned on me that the little kitsune` probably just saved my life.

My mother was at the inn as well. She was healing some of the villagers’ wounds as I limped over to her. Embracing me in her arms, she healed my wounds as well.

“Be strong Lilith,” she whispered. “You need to be strong for what lies ahead.”

I cried into her shoulder for a while. Her warm embrace encouraged me and calmed me. Running her fingers through my hair, she lifted up my chin and kissed me on the forehead. She must have known my journey was going to take me away from her at that point, because she draped the amber torc her mother had given to her as a child over the nape of my neck. It with a brown and had an orange ribbon weaved through it.

“To remember those fallen,” she whispered as she glided quietly toward another injured villager with an almost unnatural grace about her.

One by one, Ma`ud rounded up the rest of my friends, and even a few villagers. Eventually Evander bursts through the inn door carrying a short sword and wooden shield. Dalton meets up at the inn as well. He is covered in goblin blood and his hair is tousled a mess. There was a darkness in his eyes as well, as if he didn’t expect to ever see us again.

Looking right at Roran, then to the children he hissed, “Get the children to safety. Their destined for far greater things than this. Protect them with your life Roran. Promise me! Take them to see the oracle! She will know what to do!”

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